How to Gain More Media Attention for Your Restaurant

How to Gain More Media Attention for Your Restaurant

Media attention can be hard to come by for restaurants. There are a lot of restaurants out there, and for the general public, it can be tough to keep tabs on them all. Nowadays, everything from blog posts to advertisements has become more fragmented, so your restaurant may have a more challenging time standing out from the rest. 

We know that it can be challenging, and getting your restaurant off the ground requires a lot of strategizing. Since we understand firsthand, we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how you can gain more visibility for your restaurant and get the word out there to make your business thrive.

Create a media kit

A media kit is a collection of information that details your restaurant’s story, offerings, and specialties. You’ll want to create a media kit that includes information on your restaurant’s menu, photos of the restaurant and its menu items, bios of key members of your team, and information on the location. 

 If you’re able to create a media kit, you’ll be able to easily send it out to influencers and journalists who cover topics related to the restaurant industry. This will help make it easier for them to understand your restaurant from a business standpoint and make your restaurant more visible to the rest of the world.

Host a press brunch

Press brunches are a fantastic way to gain visibility, and who better to host one than your restaurant? A press brunch is a brunch event that your restaurant hosts and is designed to attract the attention of journalists in your area. It’s a great way to introduce your restaurant to the public and get your name out there. When hosting a press brunch, you’ll want to make sure that you send out invitations to journalists who cover topics related to dining, food, and the restaurant industry. 

You can even consider hosting a virtual press brunch in which you invite journalists to join you virtually via a video call or an online event. Be sure to include an offer in your invitation, such as a free meal or the chance to sample your restaurant’s menu items at a discounted price. A press brunch is a great way to gain exposure for your restaurant and make it stand out among the rest.

Be active on your restaurant’s social media channels

Social media might seem like a very basic way of gaining media attention, but it’s still an essential tool for any restaurant. Just make sure you’re using these channels wisely! 

First and foremost, ensure that you’re setting up your social media channels correctly. Create an appealing profile and name for each channel, and ensure you’re tagging your restaurant’s information so people can easily find you. 

Next, ensure you’re actively engaging with community members on each of your social media channels. People will be more likely to take notice if you’re actively engaging with people and responding to questions, comments, and messages. It’s also a smart idea to engage with members of the media who have shared posts related to your restaurant on social media. They’ll likely appreciate the added attention and be more likely to share your posts, which can lead to more media attention for your restaurant.

Partner with influencers

You’ll want to partner with as many relevant local influencers as possible when trying to gain more media attention for your restaurant. What do we mean by an influencer? Well, an influencer is someone who already has a strong following on social media and is likely to share information about your restaurant with their followers. 

What’s great about partnering with influencers is that the process is often mutually beneficial. You’ll be able to reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them to share your content with their followers, and they may even be open to featuring your restaurant in one of their posts!

The Power of PR 

Using media attention to bring traffic to your restaurant is a smart step. People value third-party validation, reviews, and media articles to help them make a decision. By creating a public relations strategy that includes press releases, press brunches, influencers, and social media marketing, you’ll be building up a buzz in no time. 

Curious about public relations and wondering if your restaurant could benefit from the power of PR? Reach out to our team at Creatively Disruptive for more information. 

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