What Every Marketer Needs to Understand About Price Point

What Every Marketer Needs to Understand About Price Point

Russell Masters, COO of Creatively Disruptive, was featured in American Marketing Association Pheonix’s blog, “What Every Marketer Needs to Understand About Price Point.” 

Diversify Your Inventory Offerings

In digital marketing and advertising today price competitiveness is becoming more prevalent amongst online retailers mainly due to the ability for consumers to very easily “price compare”. For consumers who are price driven, especially with products that are available through multiple online retailers, this needs to be addressed in order to stay competitive.

However, competing on price alone in a competitive market is not the only strategy as we see companies looking to promote more varied product ranges to get traffic to their stores based on unique products instead of purely price driven products. This potentially allows businesses to separate themselves from the price driven competitiveness from online competitors and focus more on benefit driven strategies that allow the brand to influence decisions.

Russell Masters, COO of Creatively Disruptive

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