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When we were starting our business we had help from some great people and now it's our turn to help you.

We have wrapped up everything we do as a digital marketing agency to help restaurant owners grow their business, into a course with over 50 lessons.

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  3. Learn a new approach focused on digital marketing.
  4. Unlock tools and strategies to increase your online visibility and learn how to get more customers.

The Restaurant Revenue Toolbox Lessons

The lessons in this toolbox will teach you the techniques our team uses every day in our agency to market restaurants like yours. As you complete the lessons in these courses you will increase your knowledge of digital marketing and start supercharging your business.

Introduction to the Four Foundations of Marketing
  • Welcome to the 4FM (foundations of marketing) System
Create Local Ads on Facebook & Instagram

Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

  • Setting Up A Facebook Business Manager Account
  • Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel
  • Adding A Facebook Pixel To WordPress
  • Adding A Facebook Pixel To Weebly
  • Adding A Facebook Pixel To Wix

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad Campaign

  • What is the "Campaign Ad Structure"
  • Choosing The Right Campaign Objective
  • Setting Up Your Campaign Options

Setting Up Your Ad Set

  • The Adset - Setting Your Location Targeting
  • The Adset - Building Your First Audience
  • The Adset - Placement, Budget and Scheduling
  • The Adset - Running Ads On A Schedule

Ad Creation Walkthrough

  • Walkthrough - Single Image/Video Options
  • Walkthrough - Carousel Ad Options
  • Walkthrough - Use An Existing Post as an Ad

Creating Your First Ad Campaign

  • Creating a Call Now Ad
  • Send People to your Website or Event with Traffic Campaigns
  • Promote an Event with Engagement Campaigns
  • Creating Messenger Campaigns

Exploring Lead Form Ads

  • Generating leads & Inquiries without a Website with Lead Generation Campaigns
  • An Important note on using Lead Generation Forms
  • Using Zapier to Connect Lead Ad Forms to Email
  • Using the Facebook Lead Center

Writing your Ad Copy

  • Introduction to Writing Your Ad Copy
  • The Creatively Disruptive Guide to Creating a Successful Facebook Ad
  • What is The Amplify Method
Use Google Ads to Promote Your Local Business
  • An Overview of Google My Business
  • Setting up a Google My Business Account
  • A Walkthrough of a good Google My Business Listing
  • Optimizing your Google My Business Account
Build Trust with Customer Reviews
  • How to Get and Manage Reviews for Your Business
Make your Website a Conversion Machine
  • The Importance Of A Logo
  • Getting Your Color Scheme Right
  • Typography - Choosing Fonts
  • Using Images In Your Site
  • Text (less = more)
  • The Contact Form
  • Adding Social Media Links
  • The Importance of Mobile
Getting Your Branding Right
  • Building Your Brand Voice
  • Building Your Brand Color
  • Building Your Brand Logo
  • Building Your Brand Imagery
  • Public Relations and Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy
  • How to Respond to Reviews
  • Instagram Business Features Overview
  • How to Create an Instagram Story Highlight
  • Canva for Scheduling
+ BONUS topics!
Gymnastics Revenue Toolbox Lessons
Gymnastics Revenue Toolbox Lessons part 2

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Andy Seeley Co Founder / CEO
Andy Seeley, Co-Founder, CEO

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"We know there is a ton of pain and confusion out there with business owners as to what to do to grow their revenue. We know most small business owners are not scared to work hard and do what they need to do to survive and thrive - they just need the knowledge and game plan to follow. We felt as a company that we could help small business owners 'virtually learn to fish.'"

Russell Masters, Co-Founder, COO

No Barrier To Entry

"We are committed to helping small businesses get back on track by offering this customized, digital marketing course, used to train our agency team. Now we're giving small businesses unlimited access with a one-off fee for lifetime access, to the same blueprint we use every day, so they can have resources to grow their business and exceed their revenue goals."

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