Case Studies

Local MedSpa

112+ Appointments p/mth

Monthly Ad Spend $1,400
Cost Per Appointment $12.61

We split test between sending visitors to the clients existing website and a dedicated landing page. The result was a 40% drop in appointment cost from the landing page.

Sporting Goods

5.6X ROI

Monthly Ad Spend $4,500
Monthly Revenue $25,200

The top and middle of the funnel had a return on ad spend averaging 2.5X and our key focus was in the retargeting, which consistently averaged 34X return on ad spend.

Local Gym

90+ Inquiries p/mth

Monthly Ad Spend $1,420
Cost per Inquiry $15.58

Generating over 90 inquiries per month this gym was converting approximately 40% of the inquiries into new members. The annual value of the average member is $1,200.

Men's Watch Store


Monthly Ad Spend $5424
Monthly Revenue $43,392

A brand awareness campaign at the top of funnel, the correct retargeting strategies, and plenty of testing this campaign resulted in a consistently high return of 8X return.

Local Insurance Broker

120+ Leads p/mth

Monthly Ad Spend $3,000
Average Lead Cost $25

A change in Medicare gave this client an opportunity but there was a very short window. A strong creative approach and high converting landing page resulted in a solid lead cost.

Men's Niche Apparel


Monthly Ad Spend $5,386
Monthly Revenue $21,651

While very niched, we used a long funnel including brand awareness, organic posts for product reviews and dynamic product retargeting with cart abandonment ads.

Why Bother With Facebook Ads?

It's hard enough trying to get new clients the old-fashioned way hoping someone will call or email you for more information. Effective marketing and repeat business depend on your ability to appeal to customers interests, with the right offer and the right time.

At Creatively Disruptive

Our Mission is To "Get You More Customers"

You know Facebook ads is the key to automating and growing your business, but you have NO IDEA how to even go about Facebook Advertising or you've tried Facebook Advertising and just COULDN'T GET RESULTS. 

If you've ever tried Facebook ads before, you'll understand exactly how much more complicated it really is - and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands of dollars.

Focus on your expertise as an entrepreneur while we take the whole process off your hands. We have a team of experts specifically focused on Facebook Advertising who understand strategy, copy, design and conversions. 

We wanted to take the risk away from hiring an agency and have started offering services on a performance basis for qualified clients. It works for us, and it works for our clients... It Can Work For You Too!