The Importance of Instagram Reels

One of the latest additions to Instagram is Reels. Instagram reels allow users to create 15-second videos and share them within an easily discoverable feed within the app. The primary benefit of Reels is brand awareness. It will enable your content to be seen on the Explore page and an endless feed of Reels. When your content can be seen on the Explore and Reels page, you reach people you would otherwise not have your brand in front of. 

If you are familiar with using Instagram to grow your business, you are aware of the tricky navigation of the algorithm. With Reels being their latest prominent feature, Instagram wants to promote this feature and promote the content created using this feature. You are much more likely to reach a much larger audience and get more engagement from new people on reels than any other feature on Instagram.

Quick Tips for Beginners Using Reels:

  • Use Trending Audio
  • Add Your Own Unique Spin 
  • Include Relevant Hashtags 
  • Post Often
  • Share Reels on your Story and/or Feed
  • Get Inspired 

Watch some Reels for yourself, understand the trends and play around with how the creation works. Get out there, and have fun creating!

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