What Clients Say

  • Rush W. AvatarRush W.

    Just spoke with Andrew - not only is he Extremely knowledgeable, but also he could not have been nicer and more helpful. Truly a professional and a gentleman. Highly recommended

    Dean C. AvatarDean C.

    We have been using Creatively Disruptive for over 2 years. It has been very successful generating new students. They are awesome!

    Bret S. AvatarBret S.

    Creatively Disruptive, did a great job. Easy to work with, nice clean design, very happy with the product.

    Jill G. AvatarJill G.

    Andy, I can't thank you enough! In the first quarter of 2018, I made more money than I did all of 2017. You and your team's knowledge of FB ads are mindblowing. I feel so lucky you decided to work with us because CD turned my business in the beast I knew it could be. So blessed to have found you. Keep up the amazing work!

    Maryam A. AvatarMaryam A.

    Very knowledge and extremely helpful �

    Mike S. AvatarMike S.

    Creatively Disruptive is not only great at what they do, they truly care about the success of their clients. High work ethic and standards combined with the experience and know how makes Creatively Disruptive a top agency. Andy is an absolute pleasure to work with. He goes above and beyond by sharing his knowledge and expertise.

    Joslyn V. AvatarJoslyn V.

    I have been using creatively disruptive online "school" to help guide us on the back end of our business. It has been extremely helpful! I highly recommend it! Thank you for helping the community during this difficult time. Truly appreciated.

    Priya T. AvatarPriya T.

    Simply put, Andy and his team are some of the best Facebook marketers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him the last 5 months. Within this time, Andy has proven himself to be a true growth expert, helping my business scale. I highly recommend the Creatively Disruptive team!

    Robyn R. AvatarRobyn R.

    The info shared was relevant, and the learnings gained will definitely positively impact our gymnastics facility moving forward. Sometimes simple ideas can be game-changers in this business. I appreciate the sincerity, willingness to help others and professionalism of the Creatively Disruptive team. We are already starting to implement some of the strategies that were suggested to enhance our business and eagerly anticipate the day we re-open! Thank you CD Team!

    Tiffany F. AvatarTiffany F.

    Andy and his team are beyond amazing. They are not only knowledgeable they work with a level of professionalism that speaks volumes. Their expertise is second to none. Having worked with them our business is stronger, more efficient, and has added to our bottom line.
    I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to do business with the best!

    J.D. N. AvatarJ.D. N.

    We're really happy we chose to work with guys like Andy and Russel! This team delivers outstanding results and they're loads of fun to work with!!

    Geoff S. AvatarGeoff S.

    Very helpful information on how to better market our gym.

    Jessica K. AvatarJessica K.

    Andy and the team are down to Earth nice guys and this translates into a fantastic client relationship as they genuinely want to help businesses grow and scale strategically through Facebook ads - and boy do they deliver. When it comes to generating leads though the nice guy cover doesn't get in the way of them ripping the market to shreds, leaving only hot leads in their wake. Always a pleasure to work with you guys!

    Tina N. AvatarTina N.

    Andy displays a level of professionalism, expertise and knowledge that you don't come across often in the online marketing space. Not only are these guys experts at what they do, but they're great people as well.

    Andy and his team know their stuff and I highly recommend working with them.

    Katija Z. AvatarKatija Z.

    This team knows their stuff. I have worked in marketing for the past 13 years and am glad to say this is one of very few that I would trust with my digital marketing strategy. Honest, transparent and results driven. You will not find a better team out there. Thanks for all you've done to help grow my business.

    Mike D. AvatarMike D.

    Andy and his team have really boosted our sales. Not sure where my team would be without his help. Very straight-forward and right to the point. If anyone is looking for great service and real results with advertising, it's Creatively Disruptive! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

    Anissa D. AvatarAnissa D.

    I love how easy they are to access and the information they provide. I feel like they care about both my gyms success and mine as well.

    Jula P. AvatarJula P.

    Andy, Russell and the whole team at Creatively Disruptive are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with Andy in particular and the advice he gave me increased my sales tremendously. I highly recommend them if you are ready to scale up your business.

    Idia A. AvatarIdia A.

    Andy and Russel are not just amazing marketers, but amazing people as well...which makes them an absolute joy to work with! Highly recommend them and their talented team.

    Bonnie O. AvatarBonnie O.

    Andy and his staff are amazing! They are so knowledgable and have the ability to really help increase enrollment. They thoroughly understand the gymnastics market and what motivates parents to enroll their children in classes. I am looking forward to working with more Andy and Creatively Disruptive in the near future.

  • Ellen M. AvatarEllen M.

    We have been working with Creatively Disruptive for 2 months now and it’s been amazing. Russ and Jessica have work closely with us to bring in over 100 leads during this short time. They are constantly monitoring our ads, conversions and lead cost to make sure we are get the best return on our investment. We are so thankful to be part of the CD family.

    Kim H. AvatarKim H.

    Start to finish Kerry Beaulieu and the team are fantastic!

    Dan B. AvatarDan B.

    Great peeps! Use them and your biz will flourish!

    Darlene D. AvatarDarlene D.

    The team at Creatively Disruptive is super friendly, but more importantly, super knowledgeable! It was very easy to get started and get the site up and running. Our old website was difficult to make changes and to keep current. Making changes on our new website with CD is simple and can be done in an instant. You don't have to be a tech expert to make your website awesome. Creatively Disruptive does it for you!

    Barb M. AvatarBarb M.

    The very best guys out there.. driven by helping others to achieve every goal

    Megan W. AvatarMegan W.

    Any and Russell are genuinely great online marketers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them and they are they are committed to getting results for their clients

    Jonathan G. AvatarJonathan G.

    Andy and his team are amazing! Helpful, organized and very knowledgeable about how to help your gym grow! They are very prompt and go above and beyond to help answer any questions you may have. They whole heartedly believe in you, your gym and the product that they deliver and it shows with their service.

    Brian B. AvatarBrian B.

    Andy and team have been forthcoming, open, transparent, and informative - and they haven't asked for a penny. There is a product available (Gymnastics Marketing), but the wealth of information the team is sharing is awesome!

    Phoebe W. AvatarPhoebe W.

    Andy and the team at Creatively Disruptive are proactive experts in their field. They treat us like family, making sure that everything they can do, they actually do! Andy in particular is supportive and a real ideas man - thanks guys!

    Daniel M. AvatarDaniel M.

    I cannot state this any clearer: Andy has been one of the most important and influential people in growing my business.
    If you get to work with him and his team, you are incredibly fortunate.

    Robby S. AvatarRobby S.

    Andy and Russell are seriously some of the best out there!

    Maddy S. AvatarMaddy S.

    They have given great courses on Supercharging and re-opening your gymnastics facilities. They are there to help and ensure they set you in the right direction for success!

    Mike V. AvatarMike V.

    Wonderful job getting the web site up and running.
    I love the way it looks. The training went well, and am very happy with the ease of changing and updating information.

    Karen S. AvatarKaren S.

    Andy is a true professional with seemingly never-ending ideas and ability to drive business. Not only does he have ideas, he knows how to implement them! Andy and his team deliver concrete results for clients in a way few others can. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Andy - do it! You won't regret it.

    Kathi J. AvatarKathi J.

    The team is so helpful! Marketing Academy is priceless! Thank you so much!!

    Darren B. AvatarDarren B.

    Quite simply the best minds in sales - these guys have transformed my mindset and confidence when it comes to growing a business... thanks for your amazing work!

    Sarah J. AvatarSarah J.

    Great group to share. I am a Gymnastics club owner for 32 years. I am also a National rated judge and previous National gymnast. This site shares a lot of great information for all.
    Thank you!
    Sarah Jane Clifford

    Helen E. AvatarHelen E.

    Great company, all around professionals and all around nice and genuine people. Andy is a great sales coach! Following his advice my company has been able to take our sales processes to a whole new level. Thank you.

    Randilynn R. AvatarRandilynn R.

    I just completed a 4 day course with them. The information they taught will help us so much. I am so thankful to them for choosing to help out gyms during this hard time.

    Christine R. AvatarChristine R.

    Professional, knowledgeable and timely, extremely pleased with the high level of service I have received!!

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