Meet The Team

Andy Seeley

Andy Seely - Co-Founder/CEO
  • Personal Description: Poker of Bears, Talker Off Ears, Assembler of Interesting Characters
  • Favorite TV Show: Eight is Enough Because 7 is not quite enough and 9 is just too many
  • Super Power: Looking busy while sleeping!
  • Spirit Animal: Weta (Big Scary Bug in New Zealand) Because it's Prickly but harmless
  • Favorite Color: Cerulean, because it’s hard to say
  • Favorite Pastime: Listening to YouTube videos while driving. It makes me feel like a rebel.
  • Favorite Food: Turkish Food... Because it’s seriously yummy! And it's not Pizza.
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Biddy – My 1st Dog, used to share my coke with her and laugh as we both burped.
  • City Born in and why! Hamilton New Zealand, City of the Future. Because My English parents were drawn to its WORLD famous Tourist sites and nightlife!

Russell Masters

Russell Masters - Co-Founder/COO
  • Personal Description: Idea designer, family man & philosophical thinker.
  • Favorite TV Show: Clarence the cross-eyed lion, because he wore glasses but was still a badass lion
  • Super Power: Finding the right app
  • Spirit Animal: New Zealand Hawk, it glides majestically but isn’t afraid to eat roadkill
  • Favorite Color: Burnt Sienna, because it sounds awesome
  • Favorite Pastime: The pursuit of the perfect music playlist, not quite perfected
  • Favorite Food: What, there is something other than Pizza?
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Jimmy Free, my first dog when I left home.
  • City Born in and why! Attard, Malta because my parents eloped there from England

Jessica Alexander
General Manager

Jessica A.
  • Personal Description: I’m the outgoing Communications Manager and have been described as having an infectious belly laugh. I have an 80’s Juke Box in my head that drives my kids crazy.  I try to find the positive in situations, and I am a shoulder to lean on. My coworkers know me as Mother of Dragons and Grandmother of angels (and I’m not sure If I should be offended by this, lol)
  • Favorite TV Show: The Golden Girls
  • Super Power: The Can Opener, I have the power of getting people to talk and open up
  • Spirit Animal: Bird
  • Favorite Color: Sunshine Yellow
  • Favorite Pastime: Running, spending time with my family, or watching Golden Girls reruns
  • Favorite Food: Any and all Vegetables… and Salmon!
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: My Dog, Mocha
  • City Born in and why! Greenfield, MA I was almost the firstborn in the hospital in 1977, but there was one birth before me, so my parents didn’t win the New Year’s baby gift basket 🙁

Ariana Colom
Creative Operations Manager

Ariana C.
  • Personal Description: Super planner, organization freak, Theme Park/Travel Enthusiast
  • Favorite TV Show: The Office
  • Super Power: Planner Extraordinaire
  • Spirit Animal: Owl
  • Favorite Color: Cream
  • Favorite Pastime: Planning Trips
  • Favorite Food: Mediterranean Food
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Mitzi
  • City Born in and why! Columbus, OH, because that's where my parents were living at the time

Natalie Davidson
PPC & Email Marketing Manager

Natalie G.
  • Personal Description: Chocoholic, mother of dachshunds
  • Favorite TV Show: New Girl & Grey’s Anatomy
  • Super Power: getting things DONE!
  • Spirit Animal: penguin- loves the cold, loyal
  • Favorite Color: arctic blue
  • Favorite Pastime: gaming on my Nintendo switch & watching Netflix
  • Favorite Food: Thai food. Yum.
  • Favorite Pet Name As A Kid: Elvis, the weenie dog
  • City Born in & Why! Phoenix, Arizona - Parents moved there for business!

Lee Callow
Senior Media Buyer

Lee Callow - Chief Data Analyst
  • Personal Description: A classic Shy Extrovert
  • Favorite TV Show: Toss-up between Married with Children, Open all Hours, and Lucifer
  • Super Power: An amazing ability to forget things
  • Spirit Animal: Jaguar (need I say more)
  • Favorite Color: Black (with a gold border)
  • Favorite Pastime: Dirty Dancing
  • Favorite Food: Pavlova (invented in New Zealand)
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Jinx
  • City Born in and why! Hamilton. ( The choice was Hamilton NZ or Hamilton Canada, but the family went with NZ as they felt Canada was too cold)

Ella Colom
PR & Communication Manager

Ella C.


  • Personal Description: Spunky little person
  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
  • Super Power: Ability to nap wherever, whenever
  • Spirit Animal: Tiger
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Pastime: Rock Climbing (outdoor)
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate (obsession is a more accurate description than favorite food)
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Mitzi is the name of my childhood dog
  • City Born in and why! Clearwater, FL- my parents were living there at the time!

Jessica Gleave
Small Business Marketing Team Lead

Jessie G.
  • Personal Description: Inspector Gadget, Boy Mom
  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones (mad 👑)
  • Super Power: Finding anything that is “missing.”
  • Spirit Animal: Owl - Always Watching
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Pastime: Netflix binge!
  • Favorite Food: Italian! Because Costco Pizza, in general, is amazing!
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Willie (had a cat, and he was the boss of the neighbor)
  • City Born in and why! Redding, California- parents moved there for mountains & sights to see

Melissa Gamble
Web Development Team Lead

Melissa G.
  • Personal Description: Practicer of Aikido, Writer of Stories, Hater of Hiking, Imitator of Accents
  • Favorite TV Show: Gravity Falls
  • Super Power: Organizing and packing things into small spaces
  • Spirit Animal: Hawk
  • Favorite Color: Blue... no green... blue-green?
  • Favorite Pastime: Relaxing with my dogs in the hammock (and a good book)
  • Favorite Food: It changes based on my mood! Let's just go with chocolate... not sure that counts as food, but whatever
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Squeakers the Hamster
  • City Born in and why! Salt Lake City… because why not?

Michelle Walker
Copywriter & Account Manager

Michelle W.
  • Personal Description: Boy Mom, Finder of Lost Items, Sideline Cheerleader, Blanket Stealer
  • Favorite TV Show: Our tv is normally on sports, but if I can sneak in The Bachelor for a psychology lesson, I will, or a comedy like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Modern Family.
  • Super Power: The ability to spot a celebrity in random places
  • Spirit Animal: Bear - I’m a Mama Bear, very grounded.
  • Favorite Color: fire engine red
  • Favorite Pastime: playing tennis
  • Favorite Food: Tex-Mex (obviously, I live in Austin, TX, home of the breakfast taco)
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Beebaw (half beagle, half basset hound)
  • City Born in and why! Sweeny, TX south of Houston bc my parents had moved back to where they were from to raise my older sisters

Brantley Kosobucki
Account Manager & Customer Service Coordinator

  • Personal Description: I love mountains, cooking, traveling, and creating warm/hospitable environments for others. I believe food and people are the best things we are given on this earth!
  • Favorite TV Show: Fixer Upper
  • Super Power: Jack of all trades. I know a little bit about a lot of things.
  • Spirit Animal: A cat because I relate to the curiosity, independence and adventurousness!
  • Favorite Color: None, make it neutral
  • Favorite Pastime: DIY projects
  • Favorite Food: Seafood, especially oysters
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Thomaston, my cat named after the Thomaston Family cemetery where he was found as a stray
  • City Born in and why! Columbus, Georgia - my grandparents moved here for jobs when they were my age!

Sarah Seeley
Accounts Manager

Team Photos
  • Personal Description: Smile Spreader, Coffee Enthusiast, Mother of a Sassy Sweetheart
  • Favorite TV Show: Battlestar Galactica *circa 1978
  • Super Power: The ability to see every side of an opinion - also known as “Super Indecisiveness.”
  • Spirit Animal: Dugong
  • Favorite Color: Sunflower Yellow
  • Favorite Pastime: Knitting beanies for my pet grasshoppers
  • Favorite Food: Mexican - Ole!
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Bungeye - my cat had 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye (self-explanatory 🙂
  • City Born in and why! Hamilton, New Zealand - the city of the future. English Parents were attracted to the thriving nightlife and sheep.

Sabrina Norton
Business Development Manager

Sabrina N.
  • Personal Description: I’m a relationship builder that takes extreme pride in helping small businesses grow through marketing effectively—a proud mother of 2 incredible kiddos and wife to a retired United States Veteran of 21 years. Outgoing, maybe to a fault, and always has a smile on my face!
  • Favorite TV Show: Yellowstone
  • Super Power: Gift of Gab, I’ve never met a stranger!
  • Spirit Animal: Deer
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Pastime: Spending time and making memories with my family
  • Favorite Food: Crab Legs – but not just any, Alaskan King Crab!!
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Lady…we had a few with that name
  • City Born in and why! Jacksonville, FL - no, why other than that’s where I lived at the time.

Jamie Sisson
Business Development Manager

Jamie S.
  • Personal Description: I’m referred to as a giant a lot! I’m 6’1. Dorky, sarcastic, and funny. I think I’m way funnier than my kids do!
  • Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
  • Super Power: Being able to get a million things done at once
  • Spirit Animal: The Energizer Bunny
  • Favorite Color: Grey
  • Favorite Pastime: Reading, playing basketball, Playing card and board games, and trying to get my teenagers to hang out with me.
  • Favorite Food: Do I have to pick one? What kind of person can only have one favorite? I like Mexican, Cabbage Rolls, and German Pancakes.
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Zipper the Cat
  • City Born in and why! Houston, TX, My Dad was on his way to CA from DC. This is as far as he got before he met my mom!