Meet The Team

Andy Seeley Co Founder / CEO
Andy Seeley Co Founder / CEO
  • Personal Description: Poker of Bears, Talker Off Ears, Assembler of Interesting Characters
  • Favorite TV Show: Eight is Enough, Because 7 is not quite enough and 9 is just too many
  • Super Power: Looking busy while sleeping!
  • Spirit Animal: Weta (Big Scary Bug in New Zealand) Because its Prickly but harmless
  • Favorite Color: Cerulean, because it’s hard to say
  • Favorite Pastime: Listening to YouTube videos while driving. Makes me feel like a rebel
  • Favorite Food: Turkish Food .. Because it’s seriously Yummy! And its not Pizza
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Biddy – My 1st Dog, used to share her my coke and laugh as we both burped
  • City Born in and why! Hamilton New Zealand, City of the Future. Because My English parents were drawn to its WORLD famous Tourist sites and nightlife!
Russell Masters Co Founder / COO
Russell Masters Co Founder / COO
  • Personal Description: Idea designer, family man & philosophical thinker.
  • Favorite TV Show: Clarence the cross eyed lion, because he wore glasses but was still a badass lion
  • Super Power: Finding the right app
  • Spirit Animal: New Zealand Hawk, it glides majestically but isn’t afraid to eat roadkill
  • Favorite Color: Burnt Sienna, because it sounds awesome
  • Favorite Pastime: The pursuit of the perfect music playlist, not quite perfected
  • Favorite Food: What, there is something other than Pizza?
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Jimmy Free, my first dog when I left home.
  • City Born in and why! Attard, Malta because my parents eloped there from England
Jessica Alexander Communications Director
Jessica Alexander Communications Director
  • Personal Description: I’m the outgoing Communications Manager and have been described as having an infectious belly laugh. I have an 80’s Juke Box in my head that drives my kids crazy.  I try to find the positive in situations and I am a shoulder to lean one. My coworkers know me as Mother of Dragons and Grandmother of angels (and I’m not sure If I should be offended by this lol)
  • Favorite TV Show: The Golden Girls
  • Super Power: The Can Opener, I have the power of getting people to talk and open up
  • Spirit Animal: Bird
  • Favorite Color: Sunshine Yellow
  • Favorite Pastime: Running, spending time with my family, or watching Golden Girls reruns
  • Favorite Food: Any and all Vegetables… and Salmon!
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: My Dog, Mocha
  • City Born in and why! Greenfield, MA I was almost the first born in the hospital in 1977, but there was one birth before me, so my parents didn’t win the New Year’s baby gift basket 🙁
Hannah Harper - Production Director
Hannah Harper - Production Director
  • Personal Description: Straight shooting, challenge accepting, Jack-of-all-trades
  • Favorite TV Show: Grey's Anatomy (bring back Yang!!)
  • Super Power: Tearing out tile during a home renovation. Or my amazing ability to be in the ’Zone’
  • Spirit Animal: Cat - Meow!
  • Favorite Color: Vanilla Bean (favorite ice cream flavor too)
  • Favorite Pastime: Playing rugby all day, everyday with some amazing human beings!
  • Favorite Food: Oreos , Pizza isn’t even in 2nd place
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Never really had a pet name/nickname growing up but my husband calls me “Needle” named after Arya from Game of Thrones little sword. Because I am small but mighty!
  • City Born in and why! Visalia, California because thats where my parents met while they made ice cream at Baskin Robbins!
Lee Callow Chief Data Analyst
Lee Callow Chief Data Analyst
  • Personal Description: A classic Shy Extrovert
  • Favorite TV Show: Toss-up between Married with Children, Open all Hours and Lucifer
  • Super Power: An amazing ability to forget things
  • Spirit Animal: Jaguar (need I say more
  • Favorite Color: Black (with a gold border)
  • Favorite Pastime: Dirty Dancing
  • Favorite Food: Pavlova (invented in New Zealand)
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Jinx
  • City Born in and why! Hamilton. ( The choice was Hamilton NZ or Hamilton Canada but the family went with NZ as they felt Canada was too cold)
Ella Colom Sales and Communications Manager
Ella Colom Sales and Communications Manager


  • Personal Description: Spunky little person
  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
  • Super Power: Ability to nap wherever, whenever
  • Spirit Animal: Tiger
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Pastime: Rock Climbing (outdoor)
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate (obsession is a more accurate description than favorite food)
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Mitzi is the name of my childhood dog
  • City Born in and why! Clearwater, FL- my parents were living there at the time!
Madelyn Sanders Sales Manager
Madelyn Sanders Sales Manager
  • Personal Description: Perky Problem Solver
  • Favorite TV Show: Kim’s Convenience – reminds me of my daily life with my family Korean style
  • Super Power: Vision- Keen sense of insight-coupled with my piercing mind.  No I can’t see through brick but I am pretty good at reading people
  • Spirit Animal: Lion-loyal-courageous and able to overcome challenges
  • Favorite Color: Prussian Blue- Fancy way to say Midnight Blue
  • Favorite Pastime: Baking Entertaining Edibles but not eating them
  • Favorite Food: Rattlesnake eggs- (shrimp stuffed jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon)
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Puffy (oxymoron as it was a mini doxie that was definitely not puffy-but then grandmas doxie was named pee pee- so go figure)
  • City Born in and why! San Diego-finest city
Jessica Gleave Production Manager
Jessica Gleave Production Manager
  • Personal Description: Inspector Gadget
  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones (mad )
  • Super Power: Finding anything that is “missing”
  • Spirit Animal: Owl- Always Watching
  • Favorite Color: Blue!
  • Favorite Pastime: Netflix binge!
  • Favorite Food: Italian! Because Costco Pizza in general is amazing!
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Willie (had a cat and he was the boss of the neighbor)
  • City Born in and why! Redding, California- parents moved there for mountains & sights to see
Melissa Gamble Web Development Manager
Melissa Gamble Web Development Manager
  • Personal Description: Practicer of Aikido, Writer of Stories, Hater of Hiking, Imitator of Accents
  • Favorite TV Show: ALIAS
  • Super Power: Kicking butt
  • Spirit Animal: Hawk
  • Favorite Color: Midnight blue, sprinkled with stars
  • Favorite Pastime: Martial arts!
  • Favorite Food: Steak
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Squeakers the Hamster
  • City Born in and why! Salt Lake City… because why not?
Natalie Gleave Email Marketing & PPC Manager
Natalie Gleave Email Marketing & PPC Manager
  • Personal Description: Chocoholic , mother of dachshunds
  • Favorite TV Show: New Girl & Grey’s Anatomy
  • Super Power: getting things DONE!
  • Spirit Animal: penguin- loves the cold, loyal
  • Favorite Color: arctic blue
  • Favorite Pastime: gaming on my Nintendo switch & watching Netflix
  • Favorite Food: Thai food. Yum.
  • Favorite Pet Name As A Kid: Elvis the weenie dog
  • City Born in & Why! Phoenix, Arizona - Parents moved there for business!
Michelle Walker Account Manager
Michelle Walker Account Manager
  • Personal Description: Boy Mom, Finder of Lost Items, Sideline Cheerleader, Blanket Stealer
  • Favorite TV Show: Our tv is normally on sports but if I can sneak in The Bachelor for a lesson in psychology, I will, or a comedy like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Modern Family.
  • Super Power: The ability to spot a celebrity in random places
  • Spirit Animal: Bear - I’m a Mama Bear, very grounded.
  • Favorite Color: fire engine red
  • Favorite Pastime: playing tennis
  • Favorite Food: Tex-Mex (obviously, I live in Austin, TX, home of the breakfast taco)
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Beebaw (half beagle, half basset hound)
  • City Born in and why! Sweeny, TX south of Houston bc my parents had moved back to where they were from to raise my older sisters
Sarah Seeley Accounts Manager
Sarah Seeley Accounts Manager
  • Personal Description: Smile Spreader, Coffee Enthusiast, Mother of a Sassy Sweetheart
  • Favorite TV Show: Battlestar Galactica *circa 1978
  • Super Power: The ability to see every side of an opinion - also known as “Super Indecisiveness”
  • Spirit Animal: Dugong
  • Favorite Color: Sunflower Yellow
  • Favorite Pastime: Knitting beanies for my pet grasshoppers
  • Favorite Food: Mexican - Ole!
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: Bungeye - my cat had 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye (self explanatory 🙂
  • City Born in and why! Hamilton, New Zealand - the city of the future. English Parents were attracted to the thriving nightlife and sheep.
Lauren Gutknecht Client Services (Intern)
Lauren Gutknecht Client Services (Intern)
  • Personal Description: I have strong family ties and artistic proclivities, and am passionate about facilitating relationships with people, providing a service that can help others, and enjoying the work I'm doing in the process.
  • Favorite TV Show: The Office (the American version, of course)
  • Super Power: I have a way of always being on the side of the highway with less traffic, and maybe more relevantly, a dogged work ethic and genuine dedication to my commitments.
  • Spirit Animal:  I’ve been told I’m the human version of a golden retriever - loyal, social, eager to please, maybe a little clumsy, and full of energy!
  • Favorite Color: Sky blue or blush pink
  • Favorite Pastime: dancing, riding horses, or hiking with my dog
  • Favorite Food: Steak and potatoes (yes, I’m Texan born and raised)
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: When we first got my childhood dog, my sister and I wanted to name her Shnillow … thankfully my parents vetoed that and we went with Lily!
  • City Born in and why! Dallas, Texas, because our sports are so bad the city needed a win.
Emily Berg Production Team Intern
Emily Berg Production Team Intern
  • Personal Description: Pop culture fiend, coffee lover, non-pushy vegan, unlicensed shrink
  • Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Mad Men
  • Super Power: My intuitiveness
  • Spirit Animal: Tiger- intimidating but really cool
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Pastime: Going out to eat, working out, baking
  • Favorite Food: Beyond burgers, pad thai
  • Favorite Pet Name as a Kid: My dogs Chloe & Hailey, also known as Chloester & Haister
  • City Born in and why!Redwood City, CA- It was the first place my parents moved to when they left the east coast
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