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Case Study: Gymnastics Club in Chicago
Case Study: Gymnastics Club in Chicago

"They helped us grow our business from grossing 590k to 1.2 million." Chris, Gym Owner

They came to us with the goal of reaching 900 enrolled students and increasing profitability. They averaged 450 enrolled kids and made $590k gross. They were paying their coaches $15 an hour and charging $80 per class (per month).

We created demand for their classes through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads targeted at their ideal client demographic. When demand increased for their gym, they generated a waiting list. We recommended they increase their prices. Some kids left, but kids from the waiting list filled the empty spots! We also recommended they use the extra profit to raise staff wages to $20+, to reduce staff turnover. This increased parent and student satisfaction overall.

As we continued to create demand, they exceeded their original goal with 1,000 students! They have raised their prices by $10 every 6 months and now charge $180 per class (per month).
They were able to purchase and renovate their gym and they now make $1.8 million in gross profit!

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We believe that Digital Marketing isn't just the marketing of the future–it's the marketing of the right now!

We've learned all the ins and outs of the digital landscape from our own endeavors, and we've created our own specialized "Amplify Method" using what we've learned. And now, we want to use that knowledge to help local businesses grow.

Ultimately, our goal is to get your business out there and make it a household name in your area.

We've already helped hundreds of gyms, dance studios, swim schools, and cheer gyms grow. We've spent millions of dollars in ad spend, so we've got copious amounts of experience to speak from.

Most importantly, when you team up with us, we'll make damn sure that you will never have to worry about where your next enrollments are coming from.

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