Social Media Content

By Natalie Gleave | April 14, 2020

What type of content should you be posting on social media? One of the most important things you can do to market your business is to post consistently on your social media platforms. Why? Using social media helps you build brand awareness, engage with current customers and increase your customer base. Small businesses are supported…

What Is Your Customers “Why”?

By Jessica Gleave | March 15, 2020

What is your customers “why”? And how do you apply that in your marketing? As a gymnastics club, you hold a specific place in your community, offering parents something very important to them. A chance for their kids to not only be physically active but also make friends, grow their confidence, and inspire them to…

Why Colors Are Important To Your Website

By Melissa Gamble | February 17, 2020

Have you ever visited a website and thought, “wow, this is nice, I feel comfortable!“ I know I have experienced that. Then I go back to my own site and I sigh, wishing that I knew what to do to get that feel that I’m looking for. You know the one, where you’re there and it’s just…

Building A Working Relationship

By Michelle Walker | January 28, 2020

As we change our calendars to 2020 and think about our New Year’s resolutions, oftentimes we have one centered around nurturing or improving our relationships.  The same practice can hold true for our work relationships, specifically the one between the client and their marketing firm. A client is seeking a marketing firm that will help…

What Is Advertising and Why Does Facebook & Instagram Work

By Russell Masters | January 7, 2020

WHAT IS ADVERTISING? WHY DOES FACEBOOK WORK? WHAT SHOULD YOU MEASURE? Tip: Want to skip straight to the video? Scroll down the page 🙂 I like to define The GOAL OF ADVERTISING as a way to reach people most likely to pay for a company’s products or services and entice them to buy and Facebook…

How to generate more leads for your gymnastics gym

How To Solve This Giant Problem (Generating Leads for Your Gymnastics Gym)

By Taylor Kline | October 21, 2019

We hear this time and time again inside the Gymnastics Marketing group… “how do I find new students for my gymnastics gym”?. As much as we wish the answer was simple, there are a number of things that go into growing a small business. But lucky for you, we have helped thousands of small businesses grow,…

Gymnastics Marketing

Increase Gymnastics Student Enrollment in 2019

By Taylor Kline | September 12, 2019

Learn our best kept secrets to increasing student enrollment for your gymnastics gym this year Nice to meet you, gymnastics club owner!  You’re likely here because you’d like to learn a thing or two about increasing your student enrollment into your gymnastics gym. Well, you’re in the right spot! We are the Gymnastics Marketing experts…

Increase gymnastics enrolment for fall

How to Increase Gymnastics Student Enrollment for FALL

By Taylor Kline | August 12, 2019

Fall is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get ahead of the curve! Parents are ready to send their kids back to school and are looking for after school activities. You want to be TOP of mind right now!  Here are our top 3 tips to increase fall enrollment.    Send…

10 Top Tips For Using Your Cell Phone To Take Great Photography

By Russell Masters | July 23, 2019

1: Always look for good lighting This is very important as the lighting can make or break an image. Look for the source of where the natural light is coming from. When light is primarily coming from the top down, you can get dark circles around the eyes. This can be hard to avoid, but…

Gymnastics Marketing

How To Create a CUSTOM Monthly Social Media Calendar for Your Gymnastics Gym

By Taylor Kline | July 12, 2019

Creating a social media calendar for your gymnastics gym can feel like a daunting task… but it doesn’t have to. We’re going to outline everything you need to know to create a perfect, customized social media plan for your gymnastics club.   #1: Map Out Your ‘5 Buckets’ We first start by thinking about ‘what…