How To Schedule Facebook & Instagram Ads for People Nearby Your Restaurant when they’re hungry

When people start getting hungry or thinking about what to have for lunch or dinner then running an ad on Facebook and Instagram timed to reach those who are within a mile of your restaurant immediately before your lunch and or dinner service is a great strategy to get more diners either in the restaurant or even ordering online for your pickup or curbside service.

As an example, let’s say we run a great lunch menu every day from 12 pm to 2 pm. We could create a lunch scheduled campaign to start showing to people within a mile of our restaurant from 11 am through to 1 pm with a targeted message about our lunch menu, and if we have a lunchtime promo going as well then this is the perfect opportunity to add that to the ad campaign. Now people who are within a mile of your location, as they start getting hungry or thinking about where to have lunch, will potentially see your ad pop up on their Facebook or Instagram feed. This is also super easy for them to share with a friend, right from the ad.

You can also you this really effectively for recurring weekly promotions like Taco Tuesdays for example where you could run ads on the day just before service like the example above but also consider running an ad the day before to get people thinking about your Taco Tuesday on Monday.

These scheduled ad campaigns, running alongside your regular brand campaigns are a great way to drive bookings to your restaurant as they are targeting nearby diners right when they are starting to get hungry.


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