Using “Call Now” in a Facebook Campaign to Drive Calls to Your Restaurant

Sometimes you don’t want to send someone to your website but just want to increase the number of phone reservations you get in your restaurant right? Facebook now has two options for adding a “Call Now” button to your Facebook ads.

  • Using Reach objective and a Call Now CTA
  • Using Traffic objective and Phone Call ad destination

These are super simple to set up so let’s walk through how to set these up and the differences between the two…

How To Create a Phone Call Ad

With this option, you’ll need to use the Traffic objective.

Once you have selected this Campaign Objective you can proceed with the normal setup of your Ad Set and set up your audience and placements and move on to the ad creation where you will have the option to add a Phone Call, Call To Action.

You’ll notice that even though this is a Traffic campaign, there is no option to add a website URL, however, you can add a website URL in your ad copy in the main ad copy section giving people then the option to call or visit your website.

And there you have it, a new campaign with a call now call to action prompting potential new diners to call the restaurant.

Measuring Results

The “Phone Call” ad destination has only one thing that can happen whether someone clicks on the image or the Call Now CTA button, and that is initiating a phone call. So with this in mind, to record “potential” calls you want to look at Link Clicks. I say potential because not every click will result in someone actually completing the call as some people may click on the image and it prompts them to call your restaurant which might not be what they were expecting.

For those of you who have played around in ads manager, you will know there is a Reach campaign objective that also has a call now call to action. imho, and in most cases, I believe the “Phone Call” ad destination is a superior option because it is solely focused on Call Now actions and it makes good use of the Facebook Algorithm. Where I would potentially consider a reach ad instead would if I wanted to share a link that provides more information about the call or if you desire to use Reach optimization which is designed to simply reach as many people as possible within your targeting and this can result in poorer results at times.

The “Phone Call” ad destination is far more likely to lead to positive results with the algorithmic targeting, and its action focus is likely to lead to more phone calls.

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