Online Reviews Are Your Superpower

We all understand the power of having a great reputation has on our businesses and whether people will do business so how does that translate digitally into the online reviews? Everything revolves around your online reviews, from new customers deciding whether they will give your restaurant a shot which we all know about, as well as how well you rank in Google local search, and how prominent your Google Business profile is against your competitors. When you improve your reputation through reviews you WILL GET MORE CUSTOMERS!

When You Focus On Your Online Reputation You’ll Dominate Your Competition

  • Influence Buying Decisions: 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their buying decisions.
  • Get More Clicks In Search: Reviews are the biggest factor in getting more clicks in local search results.
  • Give People Something to Read: The average person spends over 10 minutes reading reviews before making a decision.

Businesses That Consistently Get Good Reviews Worry Less About Getting New Customers

  • Do You Have Enough Reviews?: People read an average of 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a local business.
  • Do You Have enough Recent Reviews?: 48% of consumers only pay attention to reviews from the past 2 weeks
  • Are You Appearing in the Top 3 Google Search Results?: Businesses ranking in the top 3 local search results in Google have an average of 47 reviews.

Responding To Reviews Is One of The Most Overlooked Pieces of Reputation Management

  • Control Your Negative Reviews: 45% of consumers say they’re more likely to visit a business that responds to their negative reviews.
  • Attract Better Reviews: Businesses that reply to positive reviews can attract better reviews ratings.
  • Show People You Care: Among people who read reviews, 97% read businesses’ responses to reviews including positive ones.

The key takeaway from the metrics above is simple. Run a great business that provides a fantastic experience for customers to drive great reviews, ask for reviews constantly to maintain a good, recent, review history, and respond to all reviews, not just negative ones.

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