New staff at a restaurant going through orientation training

Hacks for Hiring the Right Employees for Your Restaurant

Hiring the right employees for your restaurant ensures that each shift runs smoothly and customers are provided with an enjoyable experience. Here are some tips on hiring the right employees to join your team:

1. Define what kind of people you want: Before beginning the recruitment process, it is important to define exactly what kind of qualities and skills you require from each role in your restaurant. This will help you create job descriptions that accurately outline expectations from potential candidates. When you are considering who you want as an employee, also consider what kind of employeer that ideal person is looking for. If you are seeking a low paid high-school student as your employee, that candidiate is looking for is an employeer who pays decent and doesn’t make them work every weekend. Insurance, retirement, and materinty leave probably don’t matter to them at all. But, if you are seeking an employee who plans to make this job their career, that candidate is probably looking for all the benefits (insurance, retirement, maternity leave, ect.) and a liveable salary. You can’t expect to hire “career-seeking” employees, if you’re only providing “high-school student” level benefits. Keep your ideal candidate in mind when you are crafting your job description and benefits.

2. Source the right talent: Once you know the type of skills and experience you want for each role, start by sourcing potential applicants through external websites or job boards, as well as referrals from current staff members or social networks. This will help you find a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and personalities who could bring new ideas to your business. Don’t forget… often skills can be taught, but character can’t be taught! Hire for character and train those high-quality people in the necessary skills for the job.

3. Create meaningful interviews: When conducting interviews, make sure to ask questions that give potential applicants the opportunity to showcase their unique talents and skills while also giving them a chance to learn more about your business’s core values. This way, they can better decide if they would be a good fit for the role before accepting an offer!

4. Don’t forget the final touches: After selecting the best candidate, take some time to introduce them properly to other team members so they can begin forming relationships as quickly as possible; also remember to provide a comprehensive induction program so new hires can familiarize themselves with workplace procedures and routines more quickly! Set resonable expecations early, to prevent disappointment and/or fall out later.

By following these steps, you can hire employees who are not only qualified but also have complementary strengths that will help drive success at your restaurant!

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