The Top 10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook Ads

If you’ve got a Facebook Page and maybe even an Instagram account to help promote your gym and you’re either boosting a few posts or creating Facebook and Insta Ad Campaigns, then these top ten tips to get the most out of your ads this year will be invaluable. These tips come straight from our campaign management team who create hundreds of ad campaigns for gyms every month.  Want to explore these in more details? Then join our Facebook Group or Enroll in our Gymnastics marketing Academy, TIP: You’ll need to read the article to get to the links 🙂

1: Tell Facebook Who You Are:

Install A Facebook Pixel on your website now so that Facebook can learn about your business and find the right customers for you when you start running ads.

2: Graduate From Boosting:

Go beyond “Boosting” page posts and events and use Facebook’s Business Manager to create powerful ads that target the right audience.

3: Know Your Audience:

Find out what the Moms who currently have kids enrolled like that are related to being a Mom and then build an audience using those interests.

4: Test Locations:

Test between using Zip Codes and a defined radius in your location to get super targeted on your local community.

5: Know Where You’re Sending Your Audience:

Understand where you are sending someone who clicks on your ad and ensure it relates to your ad and gives people the opportunity to contact you easily.

6: Use Images That Stand Out:

Use bright, colorful images of happy smiling kids having fun while participating in your various programs. These will be more likely to capture the attention of a Mom than a picture of your gym.

7: Test Video:

Create a promotional video that tells Moms and Dads about your gym’s story and retarget everyone who has watched 25% of the video but not but not submitted an inquiry.

8: Write For Your Audience:

In your Ad copy, talk about what the things that would matter to Moms not what matters to you.

9: Have a Hook:

Understand what would attract someone to your gym, from a Free Trial to a low cost Trial Class. Whatever you do you must have a hook that will set you aside and encourage a Mom to try your gym out with her child.

10: One Clear Call To Action:

Be clear about what you want them to do when they see your ad. If you confuse you’ll lose them:

BONUS: Retarget: Retarget those people who have been to your website but have not enrolled in one of your programs yet. Try showing them an ad that uses a testimonial from a happy family.

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