How To Market Your Gymnastics Gym

Hey there, gymnastics gym owner. We’re about to spill the beans on our top marketing secrets to help you grow your club’s enrollment.  Lean in…

We get it. You’re the Gymnastics Gym owner… plus the scheduler, the bookkeeper, the HR department and the marketer. Sound familiar?

When you own a gymnastics gym, there’s lots to do.

The world of marketing, especially digital marketing, is always changing and there’s lots to learn. We have been working with gymnastics gyms, helping to create marketing plans that drive consistent new students for years. (Get access to this for free here). Digital marketing lets small businesses, like local gymnastics gyms, compete and stand out online with a smaller budget than the bigger advertisers. When your strategy is nailed down, your marketing dollars go much further (bonus) and you can get manage your overall advertising more effectively.  You’ll have great control over where, when and how you spend your marketing dollars – because let’s face it, every dollar counts. And with this control, you’ll be able to use the data you get back from your marketing to make changes on the daily to get even better results, and more students!

To help you craft this ‘magical marketing plan’ for your gymnastics club, we’re going to lay on the table our top tips to get you started.

Game Plan Comes First

A gymnastics marketing strategy is what we call your “game plan” or “road map” for reaching your future students, or parents, and then turning them into paying students for your gymnastics gym.

The growth strategy that we use for our gymnastics gym clients focuses on 3 main touchpoints: Market → convert → grow.

Let’s touch on the first point 一 market. In order to tell a story to your potential customer, you need to “market” your gym. Whenever you’re posting photos on social media, or designing a magazine ad, or doing a radio commercial, how are you telling your gym’s story? What we mean by a story is this. What are the benefits your gymnastics gym has over anyone else. What can your students expect from the look and feel of your gym, or the amazing coaches you have. Understanding this piece is crucial because it’s how people will see your gym and think about you. Your story or image should resonate with that ideal parent that’s out there and sees your marketing, and your story should make them want to keep engaging with you, and in-turn spend money with you.   

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are your potential customers seeing your gym online and do they know who you are?
  • If they see your gym’s posts on social media, what are they doing?
  • Do you have a “road map”, or marketing strategy, to help grow your gymnastics gym?

Most people need to see your message 4-7 times before they will take action… but you need to have a plan in place first, outlining how you’ll get in-front of those people. To dive even further into our 3 touchpoints for gymnastics marketing, check out this awesome video we did live within our marketing training group. If you’re not in our Facebook Gymnastics Marketing group, make sure to join here.

Map Out Your Social Posts

Posting to Social Media organically (aka organic social media) is very important! What is organic social media? It’s sharing images, testimonials and videos that your ideal customers (parents) would find relatable. This is 100% free to do and gives your social media pages awesome content! There are free tools, like hootsuite, where you can pre-schedule posts to be posted to your Facebook and Instagram pages. This will save you time. We recommend brainstorming  the top 5 things that you ideal parent would relate to. Some examples could be – photos of gymnasts in your gym enjoying themselves, testimonials, awards, funny images and quotes. Try mapping out 30 days of social media posts and schedule them to go live!

Create Ads for Social Media

Paid Social Media can be a complete game changer for the growth of your gymnastics gym. This means paying to show ads on social media (eg. Facebook or Instagram ads) to your ideal parents based on specifics that you set out. For example, if your gymnastics gym is in San Diego, we’re only looking for parents who live within a certain radius of your gym. We also want to find the ideal parents who are most likely to click on your ad and convert into paying clients. There are ways to do this and we teach it for free in the Gymnastics Marketing Group. When you’re developing a paid social media ad campaign, make sure to research your ideal clients to make sure you’re not wasting any marketing dollars!

Social media can help you grow your gymnastics gym’s revenue, gain higher student enrollment, all with less investment than traditional marketing. Do you want to kill it for your Gymnastics Gym? Join the Gymnastics Marketing Facebook group here.

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