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Stop Boosting Posts the Wrong Way! 4 Steps to Boost Your Gymnastics Posts the RIGHT Way

Boosting posts can be a great way to get your gymnastics school in front of more people, but it’s important to do it the right way. Here are four steps for effective post-boosting:

1. Don’t just click “Boost Post”: Rather than just clicking “Boost Post” from your Facebook page, go into Ads Manager and create a new campaign. Be intentional with the audience you are putting your boosted post in front of and use targeting at the ad set level.

2. Set Clear Goals for Each Post: Are you trying to increase registrations, boost attendance at specific classes or events, or just build brand awareness? By having goals in place ahead of time, it will be easier to measure success once campaigns launch and make necessary adjustments quickly if needed. At the ad set level you can set your targeting to make sure you are reaching the right audience for this goal.

3. Choose the Right Images/Videos: Visuals are key when it comes to boosting content on social media—choose images and videos that are eye-catching, professional-looking, and attention-grabbing. The better they look, the more likely people will take notice! At the ad level, instead of creating a new post, click “Use Exisiting Post,” and choose the post that you’d like to “boost.”

4. Use Testimonials/Reviews Wisely: Utilizing testimonials from former students or reviews from customers can be a great way to promote your gym on social media platforms. Be sure not to overdo it, though—you don’t want your page looking too salesy or spammy!

5. Monitor Performance Regularly: After launching a boosted post campaign, keep an eye on performance metrics like website visits, conversions, likes/shares/comments, etc., so that you can adjust future campaigns accordingly based on what works best for different audiences.

By following these tips for boosting posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be able to effectively reach potential students while growing an engaged community around your business!

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