5 Ways to fill Mom with confidence that your gym is a place for her child!

Did you realize your Gymnastics customer is actually a 30-45 year old Mom?

Knowing who your true audience is and what is important to them is critical to growing enrollment. It’s not good enough to just do what you want, or say what you want. You have to deliver, say and show what “THEY” want. Although as Gymnastics pros many believe that our clients are our students, and in some sense that is true. However, the true decision-maker on enrolling in your program is their parents and more importantly, Mom!

It is important that when you are communicating with Mom that you speak her language and you address issues that are important to her. To convince her that your gym is the perfect place to leave the most precious thing in her life, you will need to fill her with confidence that her little one is safe, happy, and learning. If you don’t do this she will sign up for soccer or dance or another gym down the street. It’s time to understand who you are talking to and what’s important to Mom. If you don’t you will continue to get mediocre or underperforming results with any marketing you do.


5 Ways to fill Mom with confidence that your gym is a place for her child!

1. Speak Her Language

You have heard the pen is mightier than the sword, its true. How you speak to someone can have a massive impact on a desired outcome. Using words that resonate with your Mom will often make the difference between whether she thinks you are in touch with her and her needs or not. Remember using emotional words are all important using emotional words that are important to Mom can make a huge difference. Don’t communicate like a gymnastics text book, communicate like a knowledgeable friend.

2. Look Professional

An old boss of mine once said that when interviewing someone for a job he always likes to walk them to their car after the interview, not because he was a nice guy, but because he wanted to see what kind of state their car was in. He did this as he believed it reflected the true personality of the interviewee. A messy messed up car reflected poorly and tidy well kept orderly car reflect well. If Mom is going to choose your gym make sure everything looks its best, is professional and makes sense. The little things do count.

3. 1st Impressions Count

When Mom walks into your gym what does she see? When she calls for the 1st time what does she hear? When she searches for you online how do you present yourself? These are all things that have a great impact on her confidence that she is in the right place and that your gym is a place her family should invest their time and money. If your 1st impression is anything but good you may lose her to 100 different other options available to her. Make sure your 1st impression is a great one!

4. Explain why you are special

Clearly explaining why you are special is important, but more importantly why you are important to her. What you think makes you special, may not be important to Mom and as we know what is important to our Moms, is all important. Push your ego aside and think long and hard about what is important to Mom. A good place to start is to ask your current gym Moms what is special to them about your gym. Why is it that they call your gym, their gym. If you can explain this correctly you are doing great!

5. Looking good online is critical

Having a great online presence is more important that ever before. No longer are people using the yellow pagers to find their next gym, they all go online. Even word of mouth will go online often before they physically arrive at your gym. So its critical that any presence you have online is clean concise attractive and professional. This includes your social media and most importantly your website. When Mom google searches specifically your gym, because of word of mouth, or just searches for gymnastics in your area and your website is not up to speed technically or looks poor, you will lose her. How many Moms will you lose? You may never know… Lets Change That.

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