What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In this blogpost we are going to be discussing “what is SEO”.
Dispelling some of the myths behind it and putting things into perspective so you will start to think very differently about SEO and feel way more confident about how it applies to your business and website.

Whether you are ready to tackle SEO yourself or hire someone to help you this week should point you in the right direction. My main SEO Tip is, “don’t think about Search Engine Optimization – SEO”  think about “People Visiting My Site and Wanting The Best Experience Optimization” PVMSAWTBO 🙂

I won’t gloss over the fact that SEO is a very complex topic. Over the next few days I’ll go over 6 areas that you can manage within your own business and apply to your website without any assistance.
Caveat: you will need to put aside quite a lot of time to do this.

  • TIP 1 – BE RELEVANT Create a list of 10 Keywords, these are the words and phrases people use to search for a solution in Google, i.e. Plumbers in Hamilton or Korean Restaurants in Long beach
  • TIP 2 – GET FOUND Use the list of keywords and rewrite the titles and 1st paragraph of each webpage on your site & explain what the page is about TIP: Write it “for people” not for Google.
  • TIP 3 – ON THE GO: Mobile Friendly Design, if you don’t know how important mobile is then Google some stats. Short story “be mobile, be found”.
  • TIP 4 – HAVE SPEED: Ensure your site runs fast so people don’t get frustrated and leave. Good website hosting is critical, as are some technical elements which you may well need some assistance with; Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Website Caching. Technical? Yes, Important? You bet.
  • TIP 5 -GET LOCAL You will have seen Google business listings in recent searches, they are not there by luck but by the skill of optimizing your website to reflect your local information as well as what you do and general business information.
  • TIP 6 – COPY, COPY, COPY: Do some searches in Google for your product or service and see who comes up tops, look at why they come up tops, what they write, how they use keywords, what descriptions they use and how their website answers the search question. Then do it better :)IMPORTANT: These tips are designed to be a “better than doing nothing or something poorly” and really just scratch the surface of SEO.


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