The Power of Social Media

Studies show 70-80% of people research a company online through their website and social media platforms before visiting the business or committing to them. 

Let’s say a potential customer pulls up your social media platforms right now- What are they thinking? I challenge you to put yourself in their shoes and go through your social media platforms. Where do you think you can improve? What kind of content could you add that would impress you if you were a potential customer?

Here are three reasons why social media is essential for the growth of your business:

1. Positive Customer Experience/ Reputation Management

Creating a real human connection is one of the key benefits of social media for your business. When your business is present on social media, your customers/ potential customers can easily find you and interact with you. Creating a space where your customers can connect with you, message you, chat with you, improve customer retention, and develop a loyal customer base. Customers appreciate when they receive personalized responses to their comments. It shows that your business truly values its customers. It also allows you to address any concerns as well as publically. Don’t forget, when you have a happy customer, they tell their friends. Word of mouth referrals is HUGE! Take the time & make an effort to keep your customers happy.

2. Set yourself apart from your competitors

Take this opportunity to make your brand voice heard. This is what sets you apart from your competitors! Do you have values set for your business? If so, make sure these are represented well on your social media! It helps show potential customers that you are seriously passionate about what you do and not just another company that claims to be great but doesn’t have much to say. Create a positive social environment! Post reviews, student recognitions, etc. The overall feel/look of your social media will help your business shine!

3. Everything they need to know in ONE place

Take advantage of your social media. When a potential customer is looking at your social media platforms to decide whether or not they want to do business with you, make sure all the essential information they need is there in one place! Make sure to include your location, contact info, the classes you currently offer, a link to sign up if you have one, website, reviews, meet the coaches section, pictures of the facility, etc. If this is the one chance you get, don’t be missing anything! You can create story bubbles for each of these sections that remain on the top of your page on Instagram. Seeing even one fantastic review of your business for many people is convincing enough to take the next steps. Take the time to make sure all your information is organized and easy to find!

There are many more benefits to social media for your business, but these are the most important. I promise if you take the time to work on these things, it WILL help your business grow. 

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