Taking Advantage of Facebook Messenger

There are a ton of marketing platforms to use when starting your advertising. Like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. However, with Facebook marketing, one of the tools we have pushed our clients to use and take advantage of is Messenger. 


We live in a day and age where EVERYONE is on their phones. Everyone is texting, emailing, calling, posting pictures, responding to promotions they see on social media, you name it! Part of Facebook IS Messenger. Over 3 billion people use a messaging platform for one reason or another because messaging is the most preferred channel of communication. 


From a metrics standpoint, Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users. Users have 7 billion conversations on messenger every day. And over 2 billion messages are sent between a person and a business. Those are some big numbers! BUT those are numbers you can take advantage of and use for your marketing. 


Look at your advertisements from this point-of-view: you are marketing to personalities. You are going to have some people who prefer to call you, talk to an actual human being. You are going to have some that prefer just to fill out a form and expect to hear back via email. And you are going to have some people who prefer to text/message you. That is where Facebook Messenger comes in. Messenger gives you the chance to have quick, personal conversations with people who otherwise you would have missed out on! 


Does Messenger seem too much for you? Just another platform you will have to learn? With any new marketing platform, there will be a learning curve. However, here are some tips to make marketing with Facebook Messenger easier for you!


-Set up Automatic Responses

Within your business manager settings, you will have the option to set up an automated response that will be set when someone messages your business page. This will give you time to respond to that person vs. having to constantly be on your phone 24 hours a day. 


-Consider Using a Messenger Bot (ChatBot)

Something that is becoming a major part of the marketing world is bots. With platforms like ManyChat, you have the ability to set a complete automated “flow” or journey that will allow that person to do a number of things, depending on how you have set up that bot. You can have people sign up for a certain program/class, send you their email/phone number for a certain promotion, the list goes on! 


-Turn on Notifications

A big problem some of our clients face is they may not see when someone messages them through Facebook. By turning on your notifications, this will give you the ability to be on top of your game and respond to people quicker!


-Use Messenger Ads

In Ads Manager, you are given the ability to set up a campaign objective on Messenger. With this, you can either set up the objective to be driving conversations or driving leads (depending on what your goal is). With conversations, you can have a quick reply option or even enter faqs and automated responses for those faqs. With a lead focus, you can have people send you their phone number, email, etc. through Messenger. 


Even though Messenger has become an integral part of marketing, don’t replace it or forget about everything else you are doing as well. Make it part of your plan, and find a new way to reach new customers!




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