Less is More – Why you don’t have to be on every Social Media Platform


Using Social Media is a must in today’s competitive market place we know that, it allows you to stay in touch with your customers and potential new customers as well as help you develop a unique voice.

But let me tell you why trying to be active on all social media accounts can be harmful rather than useful for your business and its reputation. Believe it or not the rule of ‘less is more’ comes into play here as well!

Many business owners mistakenly think that promoting their business on every social media channel will maximize their business growth and ultimately hope this leads to more revenue on the bottom line. Oh if it was this easy…

One of the main reasons why utilizing ALL of the social networks may backfire is that you won’t have time to manage all of these accounts consistently and with quality content. There is no point of trying to juggle over 10 different accounts when your main customers aren’t even using these networks.

Rather than trying to be present on all platforms I recommend you to stay focused on the social networks that your customers use and that you can comfortably manage.

So how can you find out what platforms you should use? In order to determine what social media platforms you should use you need to have a clear understanding of:

  1. Who your main customer market is (target market) How old are they? Mainly females or males? What are their hobbies and interests? Literally try to be very stalkerish to determine your demographic groups as much as possible. The better you know your clients and customers the better you are able to communicate with them! Different demographic groups have different preferences when it comes to social media platforms.
  2. What do you want to use your social media for? Are you mainly using it to promote products? This will also depend on the nature of your business. A finance business might prefer to use LinkedIn in order to connect with other businesses and to provide customers with informative articles related to the industry, whilst a Personal Trainer might utilizes Facebook to stay in touch with his/her clients and also use fun and industry related content such as inspirational quotes or healthy recipes whilst if you are a photographer you might use Instagram as your preferred network.
  3. How much time are you wanting to invest in posting on Social Media? If you are planning on posting only once a month platforms such as Facebook and Twitter wont be recommended for you, a blog may be a better option.
  4. Consider how willing you are to commit to maintaining your social media presence. If you prefer low maintenance stay away from Facebook and Twitter.

As a busy entrepreneur I know you don’t have time to waste your time on social media that doesn’t convert.

So what have we learned today? Less is more, Wohoo!

Know your customers, know what you want to use your social media for and pick the right platform that suits your business and service. Like many things in life, consistency is key!

If you struggle for time and finding the right platform to promote your brand and products then give me a call and ask me for a complimentary social media review. Call Nami on 0508 FUEL ME

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