Kids at a parent's night out event at a gymnastics club

How to Promote Parent’s Night Out At Your Gymnastics Club

Parent’s Night Out is the perfect event to generate a little extra revenue, provide a valuable service to the parents in your community, and reach new families in the community! Here are some tips for success in promoting your Parent’s Night Out:

First, choose a date and time that will result in the highest attendance

The success of your event depends on finding the date when you can get the highest attendance. When considering what date and times to choose from, weigh the pros and cons of a weeknight versus a weekend night. It’s also worth putting a poll out to the parents of kids in your gym to see what days and times they would prefer. If you’d like to conduct some secondary research, you can also ask the other members of our free Gymnastics Business and Marketing Facebook Group what days and times they have had the most success!

Next, promote your event

Next, it’s time to promote your event by getting creative with digital and physical marketing methods. Think beyond the traditional flyers, and look into creative options such as QR codes that people can scan with their smartphones to access more information and register instantly. You should also use your social media presence to spread the word. Utilize all of your channels as much as possible – create stories on Instagram, make a post and event on Facebook, and even consider putting some money behind an ad on Meta. Lastly, sending emails directly to parents who have children enrolled in your program is a great way to share details about the event with them.

Encourage referrals

An extra way to boost registration for parent’s night out is to encourage your current members to bring a friend to receive a special discount. What better way to thank them for their loyalty and referral than with a little discount (it doesn’t need to be large!)? They’ll appreciate their savings and will be sure to tell their friends about it too.

Follow up with new kids and parents

Following up with new kids and parents who attend your parent’s night out is a great way to get students enrolled in your class. A free trial or discounted trial class can be a great way to entice them into trying a class at your gym. The goal is to convert them from one-time event attendees to consistent members of your class. Follow up with them through text, emails, and phone calls over the next few days after the event, inviting them to bring their child in for a free or discounted trial class!

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