10 Top Tips For Using Your Cell Phone To Take Great Photography

1: Always look for good lighting

This is very important as the lighting can make or break an image. Look for the source of where the natural light is coming from. When light is primarily coming from the top down, you can get dark circles around the eyes. This can be hard to avoid, but can often be fixed by having the subject take a couple of steps backwards to put the light more in front of them, or even ask them to angle their face up a bit. Also, avoid backlighting, where the subject is being lit from behind, like standing in front of a window.

2: Avoid using the flash

Unless there is no other light source, do not use the flash.

3: Get some focus

Tap and set the focus to ensure the subject is sharp and in focus and try calling out to your kids so they look at you and give you a big smile.

4: To zoom or not to zoom

Don’t Zoom! Zooming on a most cell phones is not like the zooming you may think it is. You can do it later when editing the images so you don’t lose valuable resolution that you may need later.

5: Control your exposure

Adjust the exposure manually. On the iPhone, once you tap and focus, you can slide up and down the image to adjust the exposure.

6: Keep a steady hand

Snap photos with the volume button to help keep your hand steady for a shake-free shot!

7: Use the rule of thirds

Use the Rule of thirds for proportioned photos. This rule involves mentally dividing your image using 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines. You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the point where they meet. You can use the grid function on your phone to assist.

8: Try a new perspective

Don’t be afraid to take shots from different angles to get creative perspectives. Try shooting your photos from a lower angle, squat down or lie down.

9: Take action shots

Be sure to activate “Burst” mode for great action shots or simply take 3 each time if you don’t have burst mode available on your phone.

10: Edit your images

You can use Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed, VSCO, etc. or you can simply download to your computer and edit for full control in photoshop or other editing programs.

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