The Importance of Communication

Today, I wanted to touch upon the importance of communication. We easily recognize that we must be satisfied with whatever brand bought because we weren’t specific when we ask someone to go to the grocery to pick up toothpaste. The same holds for communication between a client and the client manager. Clients need to make known their objectives to meet those goals and then assess the plan’s success in place.

While the client manager’s ultimate goal is to retain happy clients, being transparent with information is critical in this process. Keeping a client in the dark about less than stellar results is not doing anyone any good, whereas communicating a results-oriented plan of action alongside the results could turn things around.

Another tool in the communication piece is signing off on changes by each party. This “paper trail” assists in keeping everyone up to date. We use a client portal program so that the client and the client manager are on the same page every step of the way. The client knows if the client manager is waiting for them to take action and vice versa for the task to be completed.

Lastly, timely responses enhance communication in both ways, as well. Nobody expects to be one’s only priority, but responding quickly to a client’s question is a reasonable expectation. Set the expectation, but 24 hours is likely enough time for a response or, at the very least, an acknowledgment. On the flip side, when a client manager needs client input, a reply is key to making a change. Delaying a response is likely holding up the plan of action.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is something we need to discuss!

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