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What type of content should you be posting on social media?

One of the most important things you can do to market your business is to post consistently on your social media platforms. Why? Using social media helps you build brand awareness, engage with current customers and increase your customer base. Small businesses are supported by the communities around them and it is essential that you stay engaged with your community!


As you know, small business owners wear many hats and are constantly busy with every task you can think of. Keeping up on social media may seem like a daunting task but posting consistently to connect with your community, will help your business succeed. To help make this job a bit easier, I have put together a list of 9 different ideas of what kinds of content you can post to your social media accounts. 


  1. New member post! Take a picture of your new members with their new coach or in action! Wait until you’ve got a collection of a few then post those photos to your social media (with their consent) & tag your new members! Make this a post welcoming them to the family 🙂 This is always a good first impression with the parents & makes their experience at your gym way more personable!
  2. Got any promos going on? Create a cute simple post of the promo! There are several apps you can use to take a cool background then throw some text on it. Check out which apps are most popular for this: Always post your promos! You never know when new leads will come across your page and that will catch their attention. 
  3. REVIEWS!!!! Did you just get an awesome review? Using the same apps as above, pick a cool background then paste the review text onto the photo! Everyone loves to read reviews. Tag the parents that wrote the review even & say a quick thank you! If you post the reviews onto your main feed, new leads that check out your page are guaranteed to see the great things other parents have to say about you! You can also create Instagram story highlights on your main page that would be great for reviews as well.
  4. Any events coming up? Post it! Remember, social media is your best friend for advertising. Make sure to advertise all events on your social media! 
  5. Get to know your team! Create a post with a friendly picture of each of your coaches and what classes they teach! Parents want to see the coaches their kids will be working with. Add a short description of each coach’s history! This would also be a great story highlight bubble for your main page.
  6. Competitions? If your gym also offers a competitive team, make sure to post photos of the competitions and tag each kid’s parent in the post! Tagging the parents is a great way to promote engagement. You can also do posts celebrating the gymnasts who have advanced from one level to the next!
  7. Classes you offer! Another great story bubble highlight on your main page would be showing which classes you offer, age range, and a small description of them. If there is one class, in particular, you are trying to fill, post some fun photos from that class! If you need some extra help, offer a small discount for the first 5 parents who sign up! 
  8. Have an online store? Parents don’t want to have to go searching for gymnastics apparel if they can save time & get it all at once. As long as your prices are reasonable they will most likely always buy from you. Advertise your online store! or if you have one inside your gym. Some parents may not know you offer gear & it’s always helpful to remind them you are a one-stop-shop!

I would recommend taking these content ideas, or any ideas you might already have and creating a posting schedule! There are so many tools out there that will completely organize your posts and even schedule them out for you. Check out our previous blog on how you can create a posting schedule: Start connecting with your community today!

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