Messaging That Will Get Parents Enrolling Kids in Your Swim School in WAVES

Swimming is often one of the first physical activities that parents enroll their children in. It’s important for them to learn the basics of swimming, and it’s also a great way for kids to stay active. If your swim school is looking for more students, there are certain messaging strategies you can use to help get more parents to sign up.

Swimming Lessons Save Lives

Use messaging that reiterates the importance of learning how to swim. Swimming lessons are something every child should participate in because they can prevent drowning and save their life later. Use this compelling message to drive parents to sign up their kids for your classes!

Focus on Safety First

Safety is always top of mind for parents, so it’s important to emphasize the safety measures you have in place at your swim school. Make sure parents know that their children will be safe while they’re swimming because they want reassurance that their kids won’t be put in any danger while they’re enrolled. Talk about the instructors and lifeguards who will be supervising the classes and make sure those individuals are well-trained and experienced in teaching swim lessons.

Highlight Your Instructors

The instructors at your swim school are a major selling point when it comes to getting more enrollments. Talk about how experienced and knowledgeable they are, as well as how patient and compassionate they can be with younger students. You could even feature some of your instructors on your website or social media pages so that potential students can get a better idea of who will be teaching them. Showing off the people behind your swim school will help make it feel more personable and friendly.

Discuss Your Curriculum

Parents want to know what their kids will be learning when they enroll in your swim school, so make sure you discuss what type of curriculum you offer in detail on your website or other marketing materials. If possible, provide an outline of each level of classes so that parents can get an idea of what their child can expect from each class session or group lesson. This will give them peace of mind knowing that their child is learning valuable skills during each class without having any surprises along the way.

Getting more parents interested in signing up for your swim school isn’t as difficult as it may seem—all you need is the right messaging strategy! Focus on reiterating how swim lessons save lives, emphasizing safety first, highlighting experienced instructors, and discussing comprehensive curricula if you want to attract more prospective families to join your program. With these tactics in place, you should soon start seeing a steady stream of new enrollments coming into your swim school!

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