How To Engage Millennials In Ads

The first thing in creating an ad, whether you are doing this on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc., is to understand your audience. Once you understand and know how to speak to your audience, you have something brilliant in the works. 


There are a few things about Millennials that need to be known:

  1. They educate themselves before making a decision. Look at what problem you can solve for your audience rather than a hard sell. Give them a chance to learn more about your business and give yourself value.
  2. They are very cost-aware. If you are going to advertise some price, make it worth their while. Perhaps you have a sale going on – show them how they can save and benefit from that sale vs. going somewhere else. Or let them try something for a limited time first before they buy. 
  3. They love experiences. Sell them on the experience they will gain by going with you more than the product itself. Perhaps you own a gymnastics gym – don’t sell them on the different programs you offer but rather what their kids will gain by joining your gym and how that will benefit their family overall. Tell them a story to engage them. 
  4. They value health. Millennials take their health extremely seriously and are very conscious of what goes into their bodies and what happens around them. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. Be transparent about what goes on behind the scenes.
  5. REVIEWS! Millennials always will go to their peers’ recommendations, whether it is their own family or friends, reviews on social media, etc. They will look at those before buying any product. Reviews can be your make it or break it in marketing with Millennials – if you have hardly any reviews or more negative reviews than positive, the likelihood of buying your product is very slim. 


So, how do you engage with Millennials? Be transparent, give them experiences, give them a chance to try something first, and make it easy! Don’t try to overcomplicate a buying experience with too much information. Slim it down to the bare minimum and make it as simple as 1, 2, and 3!

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