Four Tips For Creating Beautiful Email Graphics That Convert

Four Tips for Creating Beautiful Email Graphics That Convert

As a small business owner, you may find yourself stressed about how to create beautiful emails that convert. You strive to craft emails your audience will enjoy looking at that will not be ignored or cause your audience to unsubscribe. 

Did you know 80% of people only scan an email? Your email graphics must help people understand what the call to action is and be visually scannable! Below are four tips for creating great email graphics.

#1: Stay On Brand

If you have not already, it’s time to create an identity for your brand. What’s your brand’s personality? Is it bright and bold? Or modern and minimalistic? This will determine what colors, shapes, and images you use to create your email graphics. It’s essential to stay on brand and not stray from your brand’s image.

#2: Use high-quality, personalized images

These days, pixelated images are associated with scams. Avoid using them altogether, as they reflect poorly on your business. We recommend only using custom graphics in your emails. It can be tough to stay on brand if you only use stock images. Instead, use your own creative designs that help your emails stand out. Use custom images with your branded fonts, colors, and personality to stay consistent. Don’t have a graphic designer and not sure how to do this on your own? Don’t worry. We recommend Canva for any small business owner. Canva is a user-friendly graphic builder with plenty of tools to create a high-quality version of any design you have in mind. It has hundreds of pre-made graphic templates you can customize for your brand.

#3: Properly size your graphics

Did you know that every email you send receives an individual spam score? To avoid getting sent to spam, you need to limit the size of your graphics. Large graphics cause a longer load time, which causes your spam score to be higher. We recommend using no larger than 700px on desktop and 350px on mobile. This will allow you to use high-quality graphics while avoiding spam filters. Properly sizing your graphics will also allow your graphics to load quickly when the reader opens your email. 

#4: Be Creative

Be creative, be trendy. Go the extra mile in your email marketing to show your audience that you put the most effort into your emails and your business. Stay up to date by researching top design trends, and don’t be afraid to try something new as long as it is still on-brand. Adding some movement to your emails or a fun GIF may increase engagement! 

If you need any inspiration, you’ll love Mailcharts, where you can see thousands of brands’ real emails. It has everything from newsletters to abandoned cart emails where you can glean design and copy inspiration. 

Natalie Gleave, Google Ads & Email Marketing Manager

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