Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads

Today, I want to give you insight into writing your best Facebook ads with some hints about copywriting. We have all seen ads in our Facebook feed and understand that certain ones stop our scroll, while others never captivate us long enough to pause. What is it that makes us stop and give a few seconds to that ad? While a beautiful image may stop our thumb, the copy itself causes us to take action and engage with the brand, click the link, and convert into a customer. Thus, a need for excellent copywriting skills to write marketing text to convince people to take action. We are not filling a page with product content and divulging every aspect of the offer (that’s long and possibly boring), but convincing them to engage and learn more.

First, write to your audience/buyer. Understand who they are (age, occupation, lifestyle) and what makes them want your product. Therefore, you cannot write to just one persona as your buyers have different reasons for desiring your product. Relay the appeal of your item in ways that meet that audience’s persona. If the reader is brand new to your company, then he/she is in a different stage of the purchase cycle from someone familiar with your product. Knowing the purpose of the ad will give you a starting point for writing. Identifying your audience and purpose is critical before the pen hits the paper. Secondly, when writing copy, be succinct while using power words at the same time. Power words are persuasive, descriptive words that trigger an emotional response. Igniting a response induces action. Examples of words to elicit positive responses might be “life-changing, unbeatable, stunning,” and some words used to cause fear or anger would be “annoying, obnoxious, plummet.” Brevity is your friend as people do not want to read an ad that looks long or has words that are not easily familiar. Edit, edit, and edit again. Lastly, we have mentioned that we are triggering a response to produce an action, so write the “call to action.” Do not leave it to chance that people will act; tell them to take action now. A simple “check this out here” or “enroll today because space is limited” or “call us at XXXXXX” gives a directive.

If writing ad copy was never your dream, let us fulfill this need while managing your business!

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