Apps Our Remote Agency Uses

If you’re like me, then your workday is full of constant distractions. Emails pop up and “ding” to distract you from the task at hand. It’s hard to stay focused at times when there are so many things vying for your attention. 

However, I’ve found several apps that have helped me be more efficient at work in different ways: 

  1. Asana: this is the main platform we as a team use to complete our work and stay in the loop with progress for all our clients. 
  2. Slack: This is our central place of communication where if we have a question that immediately needs to be answered, we can reach out to the team or a person individually. 
  3. Weekly Zoom calls. We all work from home, so it is essential to have video calls at least once a week to connect and ensure everyone is up to speed on any issues. 
  4. Canva/Wave: I spend a lot of my time creating new content for our clients, so having platforms like canva or wave to create new image creatives or videos is extremely helpful!

Even if you only use one of these apps, it’s worth the investment. I’m not sure how people function without them! Check out our blog post about productivity hacks to see a few more great tools for staying organized and getting things done on time. What is your favorite app? 


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