Are You Missing Data from Your Facebook Ads Manager?

Here is some promising information available around this missing iOS opted-out data in our Facebook accounts.

If you have, and you should have, setup your Prioritized Events in the Aggregated Event Management tab that you can find in events manager next to the Pixel/Conversions API  tab, then you will likely have started seeing event data appearing in there, based on the events you prioritized.

What we have learned, is that unlike the events under the Pixel/Conversions API  tab, which are ALL events that have happened for each event on the website for that Pixel, the events that occur under the Aggregated Event Management (AEM) are in fact events that have occurred after a 1 day click, from paid ads, by iOS opted-out users and are not currently included in your reporting.

These events, i.e purchases, leads, and other events that were prioritized are actually all the prioritized events that these opted out users have taken as a result of paid ads within 1 day of clicking on the ad and is applied within 48-72hrs of the event happening due to delays in Apple passing this information through to Facebook. While this does not show events from opted-out users who took action, longer than a day after clicking on the ad, it does start to show some of the missing data that we are looking for, and may start to give some hope that there are better numbers that simply aren’t being reported in our ads manager.

For example, in the above image, over the past week, this account has seen 99 add to carts and 76 purchases from opted-out users based on a 1-day-click. If, in your Facebook ads manager, for the same period, you see i.e. 235 purchases then you can add these purchases from the AEM tab to the total, bringing the new total up to 311. If you know your AOV you can start to estimate revenue as well.

An important note, as mentioned above, is that this is only a partial view attributed sales as it is based on actions from opted-out users taken only from an action 1-day after they clicked an ad and there are more than likely many other conversions that are occurring after that 1 first day of clicking from opted-out users that are not being attributed to the paid ads like they once were.

Read the full article to dive deeper into this over at our friends at Foxwell Digital

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