4 Ways to humanize your brand and why


The ultimate goal is it to emotionally connect with your customers because once this connection is established I promise these customers will be loyal and will help to strengthen your brand.

A major part when it comes to standing out in the market and differentiating you from others is to humanize your brand, yes you heard right this is possible 😉 Humanizing your brand will help current and potential customers to relate to your brand and help you to create a unique feel and voice for it. Remember, people want to do business with humans and not faceless robots/corporation’s. Here are my four favorite tips on how to humanize your brand so you can build great relationships with your customers and potential customers.

Use Social Media

This must be my number one and favorite way to humanize your brand and business. One reason is that it’s free (Yay to free stuff) and secondly most of your customers will be on one of the many platforms available which means you can directly connect and communicate with them.  I love every aspect about being “social” as it allows even the most boring and “grey” business to add some character, color and a human touch to their business and brand.


Say Yes to Mistakes

“You are human- you are not perfect” Mistakes are part of life so share your story, the good and also the bad. Have you stumbled along the way? Got fears? Share it! Show your customers that you are not all that different to them, empathy is a great communicator! It is hard to relate to someone that is perfect and to be honest I think it is boring and can come across as being fake.  Be a role model and mentor but at the same time also be a friend.


Be a Movie Star

Marilyn Who? Give it a try! Get your video game going… One of the best ways to connect to your customers in addition to still photos is with some great video footage! Adding a video component to your website or social media will help you to connect with your customers. Videos allow people to see “how you breathe, move and act in real life”. You don’t have to build a YouTube channel for these simply utilize the video tool on Instagram or head over to www.wisita.com to create videos for your Blog, Website or Social Media. It is important to note that you don’t always need to hire a professional videographer, many of today’s smartphones record in hi definition so with a steady hand and a little creativity you can make your brand come alive. Its as easy as that.

Share other people’s content

Praising other people’s work won’t diminish your success. It might sound counterintuitive but “what goes around comes around” really goes a long way. By motivating, showcasing and talking good about other brands and people, this will directly link back to your brand. Be a Motivator and Cheerleader. Encouraging is totally In.  Within our brand we call this celebrating success. We love celebrating other people’s success and you know what? They love it too.

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