3 Tips To Creating Facebook Ads That Convert

Facebook ads are a great way to get your message out there, but what good is an ad if it doesn’t convert? Imagine that you have just been handed the keys to a brand new car for a minute. There is one catch, however. You can’t drive it until you figure out how to get gas in it first! This is where Facebook Ads come into play. They are what we call “paid adverts,” and they work by driving traffic from Facebook users to your website so that your product or service can be purchased. 

Here are 3 Questions to ask yourself when you are getting ready to create an ad:

#1: Is it a good ad with good engagement/pleasing to the eye?

#2: Are you cleverly putting questions in your copy/getting people engaged with the ad. 

#3: At what rate are your customers doing what you want on the landing page/website?

Suppose you can answer yes to all 3; great! If not, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Stay away from extremely busy, overbearing graphics. Whether you are using a video or just an image, it needs to be something that will get the user to stop and not blend in with the rest of the feed. However – too much text is not a good idea.
  2. Know your audience. Whatever your market is, if you know your brand, you know your audience and who relates with what you are offering. Write down some pain points that you solve for them and use that – write copy for your ad that relates not only to what you want them to do but also will get your audience to engage with you and think, “they understand what I need!”
  3. Pay attention to your website traffic. If people go to your website and do nothing, that tells Facebook your website/landing pg is not good, and they won’t send traffic there. Facebook is going to favor the website that converts! So if your website is bringing in a lot of revenue, Facebook will, in turn, send more people an ad that will take them there!
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