10 Steps to Setup a Great Facebook Page

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Ever heard someone say “If it’s not on Facebook, it’s not real” while this statement is quit harsh and almost unbelievable, I do believe that there is some truth behind this statement, especially when it comes to showcasing your brand and business.

With over 800 million people actively using Facebook everyday, it’s become a critical component in your inbound marketing strategy. It will give you credibility, the chance to connect with your customers on a personal level and most importantly help you to convert and create great leads.

Lets face it, you probably should be on Facebook representing your brand and business so let me give you some easy steps on ‘How to set up your Facebook for your business’

Head over to:
2) Click your appropriate Page category.
3) Select a more specific category from the dropdown menu and fill out the required information.
4) Add Profile picture (180x180px)
5) Add your Basic “About” Info
6) Like your own Page (Self-love hell yeah!)
7) Add a Cover photo (851x315px)
8) Add appropriate “Call to action” button (e.g. Call now vs Book Now)
9) Test your “Call to actions “ make sure they connect you to the right source.
10) Review your permissions

Congratulate yourself; you are now the proud admin of your very own Facebook Page!

However, often this is easier said than done, many businesses seem to oversee the importance of filling this required information out completely. Before inviting anyone to your shiny new Facebook page I recommend you to first edit your page to a point that it’s representable. Remember first impressions are lasting impressions and when it comes to your business and brand it is important that this impression is a positive one!

So hold your horses (I know it’s all very exciting you finally have a Facebook page, trust me I have been there) but once you share it there is no way back!
Do your homework, edit all the required information (too often I’ve seen pages forgetting to add store Opening hours, phone numbers or websites, not ok!) and then start inviting people to your Facebook page, always invite your friends (your number one fans)

At Marketing Fuel we conduct Facebook Reviews to see if we can help you use Facebook pages to it’s full potential.

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