# I like Hashtags – they look like waffles

By Russell Masters | August 4, 2015

Hashtags have become a prominent part of today’s technology and social media driven culture, it’s globally recognized and was added to the oxford dictionary in 2010 (#famous). It is therefore surprising to me that many businesses still don’t know how to use them or refuse to use them. It seems like people are split between […]

10 Tips to Complete your Linkedin Profile like an AllStar

By Russell Masters | July 28, 2015

Before you can delve fully into using LinkedIn as a business, you need to master LinkedIn as an individual user. While many people have an account, their profile is often incomplete, making it essentially useless. You might even say the only thing worse than not having a profile is having an incomplete one. Thus, assuming […]

How to avoid the ‘Octopus Effect’ in Social Media

By Russell Masters | July 22, 2015

First of all what is the Octopus Effect? Imagine an Octopus trying to juggle 10 different tasks at the same time, this is how many business owners spend every day and now we add managing a social media account or two into the mix. As a social media manager I know how overwhelming managing accounts […]

Are you feeling lucky punk – A business owners guide to SEO 101

By Russell Masters | July 6, 2015

Search Engine Optimsation (SEO) – A keyword that conjures many emotions among business owners, “It’s expensive, I get spammed a lot about it, It’s way beyond me, Cost vs ROI is out of whack” and so on and so on. Don’t get me wrong, SEO has become a very technical field which can require a […]

Pin it – Win it

By Russell Masters | June 29, 2015

“I found it on Pinterest” or “just look it up on Pinterest” We’ve all heard these sentences from colleagues, friends and family before, or you’ve read about it on blogs and you’ve been hooked on it ever since discovering the DIY sections, recipes ideas and cute baby elephant photos. I know it’s magical and we […]

How to Increase Brand Awareness

By Russell Masters | June 15, 2015

You might be offering one of the greatest products in the world, but unless your customers and consumers know about it, you won’t be able to make a transaction. One of the most important tasks for any business owner is it to create brand awareness for their product. The below image indicates the different available […]

It's all about that pace, about that pace

By Russell Masters | June 8, 2015

Whether its the latest ranking factor of your website being mobile friendly or the old classic “keyword optimised” content I think most website owners are aware of the fact that there are more than one or two factors that can impact your ranking in search engines such as Google. One of the increasingly common, yet […]

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