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Increase Gymnastics Student Enrollment in 2019

Learn our best kept secrets to increasing student enrollment for your gymnastics gym this year

Nice to meet you, gymnastics club owner!  You’re likely here because you’d like to learn a thing or two about increasing your student enrollment into your gymnastics gym. Well, you’re in the right spot!

We are the Gymnastics Marketing experts and we work with thousands of gymnastics gym owners to help them grow gymnastics gyms on the daily. And the best part? It’s simple! Lean in, we’re about to spill our best kept secrets with you.

The Top 4 Ways you can increase your student enrollment this year:

  1. Create a social media posting strategy
    Did you know you already have the best free tool to increase your engagement on social media? Your phone! Your phone can take great photos and really showcase what students and parent’s will experience when they step into your gym.  Live videos are even better!   Here are some of our best tips to creating a social media posting calendar.
  2. Create attention 
    Being top of mind is important right now, and what better way to do that than for FREE! Free? Yes, free! Posting on social media doesn’t cost you a dime. Preparing simple, yet eye catching and effective posts on Facebook and Instagram can stop a parent from scrolling and engage with your gym. They may click through to your website, send you a message or simply follow your page. Here are some tips for using your cell phone to take great photography.
  3. Use Facebook ads
    If you’ve got a Facebook Page, and maybe even an Instagram account, you can easily use these platforms to help promote your gym.  You can spend your marketing budget on social media to target your exact ideal clients and get your ads right in-front of them as they’re scrolling through their phone. These tips come straight from our campaign management team who create hundreds of ad campaigns for gyms every month. Check it out! 
  4. Host an event or open house
    A great way to bring in new students is to host an event at your gym. Parents want to see what the space and environment looks like before they sign up for your classes. So, why not bring them in for free? You could offer a free gymnastics hour for kids and offer parents coffee and snacks. If you would like help promoting your event, join the FREE community and reach out to us in the group – we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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