How To Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

What’s the secret to writing a catchy email subject line? You’ve got to be clever, concise, and confident. Your subject line is one of the most critical parts of your email. It’s what will grab people’s attention and get them to actually read your message! It’s also a very challenging part of email marketing to master. Here are some essential tips for writing great subject lines that will convert! 

1. Spark Curiosity! Create an intriguing subject line that will make them wonder and want to open the email immediately to reveal what’s inside. Ask questions! When using this tactic, make sure your subject line is still aligned with your brand and not too vague. 

2. Create urgency by telling readers when the offer ends or why they should act now instead of later. Use phrases like “final hours, Today only, Limited time offer, Act Now & Save 20%”, etc. Try to stay away from phrases like “Don’t miss out” or “You won’t want to miss this” that have too many negative words such as don’t, miss, or won’t. It subconsciously turns the reader away from your email. 

3.Use numbers or symbols as they are more eye-catching than letters (i.e., “10 Tips” or “#summer2021”). Let’s talk emojis! Emojis can be a fun way to draw more attention to your email, but it’s important you stick to just one. If you use more than one, it starts to blend in with the surrounding spam emails.

4.Be short and sweet – Keep it around 20-25 characters! Make it easy to digest. Keep in mind, majority of recipients will be reading emails via mobile phone, and you only have a small number of characters to work with before it cuts off your subject line and adds these guys —-> (…). We don’t want those!

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