Bring Your Dance Studio Into The Digital Marketing World

Bring Your Dance Studio Into The Digital Marketing World

It’s time to be brutally honest: marketing strategies that worked ten years ago–or even five years ago–just aren’t going to cut it anymore. 

You can certainly try printing out a bunch of flyers for your dance studio and sticking them on car windows at the closest parking lot, but instead of leads, you’re just going to find yourself sinking money into printing out pieces of paper that, more than likely, are just going to be dropped onto the ground. Putting ads in newspapers and magazines isn’t likely to do much aside from costing you way too much money. So what’s the best way to get your studio’s name in front of the people who need to see it? 

Digital marketing, of course.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past decade, you’ve undoubtedly seen digital marketing in action. Whether it’s from a Facebook group you follow or an ad that seems to follow you around Google, the digital world is where the money is. But it’s not as easy as putting together a Facebook page; here are a few tips–from what we use in our own marketing–to get your dance studio’s marketing up to date.

Modern Marketing For Your Dance Studio

Make A Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a goldmine for businesses when it comes to marketing. The Facebook Ads Manager is easy to use and has everything you need to set up your account and start targeting potential customers. When you create an ad, it will ask you what your Ad Objective is–whether you want leads or just want to get your studio’s name out there–and you can choose the specific audience you’re looking for. So, for most dance studios, that would probably be moms between the ages of 25 – 45 within 15 miles of your location. 

With Facebook (and Instagram, too, since they’re all part of the metaverse), you’ll be able to set up your ads to go out how and to whom you want them to. And after a bit of testing, you can essentially set and forget your ads; certainly easier than printing out flyers every weekend!

Make The Most Of Google Ads

Yes, your website might come up if someone googles “Dance Studio Near Me,” but wouldn’t it be nice if you knew your studio would be the first option on the front page? With Google Ads, you can do that. Not only that, but rather than a bland description of your business, you can edit the description of your Google result to show deals, information about your studio, and more!

Unlike Facebook, it can get a bit pricy to set up an ad on Google, especially if you’re bidding for keywords against other studios in the area (such as “best dance studio near me”). Google Ads works on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, but while the cost for those clicks might be high, they yield excellent results because searchers are serious about finding a studio. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Your Website

A business’s website is essentially its digital storefront. Much like how you want your dance studio to be easily accessible and clean, you’ll want your website to be the same. Always ensure that your links work and that your buttons and text are clear and legible, but most importantly, make sure your site is mobile-friendly! With how many people use their phones to access websites, having one that doesn’t display well on mobile–things like cut-off images, squished text, and hard-to-press buttons–is a death sentence for modern businesses.

A professional website ensures your visitors have a great experience. Working with a professional web designer means your site communicates well and puts your best foot forward — without turning an ankle! There are plenty of places to make your own website, but it can be difficult if you’re a novice. Luckily, we know a great business that can make a stellar website for your company.

The advertising world is very different than it was just a few years ago, and adapting to the digital market is something businesses MUST do if they want to keep people coming. Your dance studio could be the best around, but that doesn’t mean much if no one knows it exists.

These tips will help you jump right into the world of digital marketing. But we get that it can be overwhelming. If you want a little (or a lot of) guidance on making your dance studio shine online, give us a call, and we can chat about how to market your studio to greatness.


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