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The Cheat Sheet For Success Handling

Customer Inquiries and Leads

How To Best Communicate with Current and Potential Customers


You are communicating with MOMS.

Most often, the decision maker for kids is a mom. And moms are busy and don't give out their phone numbers for fun. If they give you their contact information, they want to be followed up with! If they do not reply, it's probably not intentional. They are just busy (probably) working or taking care of children.


84% of moms prefer text over other forms of communication.

A text is most likely to be seen. Phone calls are missed and not returned. Voicemails go unlistened. And emails get lost in busy inboxes. The #1 method to get information to your current customers (or potential customers) is through text!


Emails and phone calls are still important.

You can use more than JUST text - always use email and phone calls to communicate the same message. It doesn't hurt to use multiple communication channels because that may also get their attention.


Moms are busy - use the 5-day follow up process.

Moms are very busy, so it probably isn't intentional if they don't reply to you. It will take a few reminders before they get back to you. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you follow up with your leads for five days after receiving their information (whether through a form on your website, Facebook lead form, email, or any other source). We recommend you text, call, and email (at different times throughout each day) for five days to get your best chance of getting ahold of them.


  • Remember to add "if you are no longer interested, please let us know, and we will take you off our list" to each call, text, and email you make.
  • Moms don’t answer numbers they don’t know. Over the 5 days, you will change from an unknown number to a known number.

The goal is to get them into the gym.

When communicating with new prospective clients, the goal is to get them to come to your gym. Then deliver a great in-gym experience! Don't try to sell them
something over the phone.


Assume the sale at every moment.

Instead of asking: "Do you want to sign up for a trial class?" Ask them: "Which class do you want to sign up for? Monday at 10 am or Thursday at 4 pm?"


A confused mind never buys.

Keep things short and simple. Answer their questions, but don't provide unnecessary information. And if you need to give them options, only offer two options instead of overwhelming them with many options.


These same tips apply to current customers.

Use text primarily, but use other forms of communication too. Be
consistent. If you are still waiting for a response, communicate your message again, understanding that moms are busy. Make decisions easy by reducing the number of options you give them and eliminating confusion. Always assume the [up-sell].

Two helpful tools we recommend for texting your customers:

  • iClass Pro offers mass-texting services to your enrolled customers!
  • Sales Message allows you to text current and potential customers from a real phone number. It is one SMS app for your entire company with 2-way texting, SMS marketing, calling, & more.



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