We Buy Gymnastics Clubs and Give you a Financial Future

Whether you're looking to retire or are just burnout talk to us. We are looking to buy Gyms and set you up with ongoing financial security for your future.

Looking for a Better Future For You & Your Gym?

After years of dedication to your gym you want financial security but don't know how to get there, sometimes it feels very lonely figuring it all out.

Finding the right buyer who shares your passion for gymnastics can be a daunting task, and that's where we come in. We want to invest in or buy gyms like yours and have been involved with gymnastics for over 20 years. We know what it takes to grow and strengthen gymnastics clubs and how to look after the kids and families who are a part of them.

Your Path to Selling your Gym and securing a financial future

Step 1:

Contact Andy for a Confidential Consultation

Step 2:

We Create a Tailored Partnership or Exit Plan

Step 3:

Enjoy Your Retirement, Knowing Your Gym is in Good Hands

A Partnership That Honors Your Legacy and Secures Your Retirement

Our exit strategy for you lets you sell your gym and retain an ongoing profit share—a steady stream of income for your well-deserved retirement.

We're not just buyers; we're partners invested in growing your gym and continuing its positive impact on the community.

We Value Your Passion and Expertise

You've built something special; we're here to ensure it thrives.

Your team and your families are our priority, and we'll maintain the gym's high standards.

Our industry knowledge and business acumen will drive growth and lasting success.

Book A Time To Talk With Andy

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About the Team


Andy Seeley

Co-Founder & CEO
Creatively Disruptive

Andrew Seeley is a recognized market leader in the gymnastics industry, celebrated for his exceptional ability to grow and transform gymnastics clubs.

With over two decades of experience, Andrew has a proven track record of elevating gymnastics clubs to new heights through innovative marketing strategies and operational excellence. His deep understanding of the industry and commitment to creating cohesive, high-performing teams have consistently resulted in significant growth and enhanced reputations for the clubs he has worked with.

Andrew’s strategic insights and expertise in developing comprehensive marketing programs ensure that every gymnastics club he partners with achieves a strong and impactful presence. His holistic approach, which includes brand development, advanced social media strategies, and operational improvements, guarantees substantial returns and long-term success.

His leadership at Creatively Disruptive, where he has specialized in helping Kids Activity Centers, underscores his dedication to fostering the growth of gymnastics clubs. Andrew’s experience and visionary approach make him an invaluable asset for anyone looking to sell their gymnastics club, instilling confidence that their legacy will be in expert hands.


Russell Masters

Co-Founder & COO
Creatively Disruptive

As the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Creatively Disruptive, Russell Masters is a respected leader in digital marketing, specializing in the growth and development of gymnastics clubs.

Russell has leveraged over two decades of operational and marketing experience to drive significant growth for Kids Activity Centers, including gymnastics clubs. His expertise in interactive marketing, user experience, and operational consulting has consistently delivered exceptional results for his clients, enhancing their visibility and profitability.

In his role as COO, Russell excels in optimizing operational efficiencies, developing strategic marketing plans, and leading high-performing teams. His innovative approach involves creating comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of each gymnastics club. His ability to blend cutting-edge digital marketing techniques with a deep understanding of the industry has made him a trusted partner for many gym owners looking to sell their clubs.

Russell’s extensive experience in overseeing operations ensures that every aspect of the marketing process is streamlined and effective, from initial planning to execution and analysis. His hands-on leadership style and commitment to helping small businesses thrive have solidified his reputation as an industry expert.

Potential sellers can be confident that their clubs will be in expert hands, as Russell’s operational strategies and dedication to operational excellence position him as a market leader in the growth and development of gymnastics clubs.


Nicole Langevin

Co-Founder & CEO
Precision Choreo

Nicole Langevin is recognized as an industry-leading gymnastics innovator, renowned for her profound influence in both class and competitive gymnastics.

With an extensive background consulting for numerous gyms across North America, Nicole has mastered the art of creating cohesive, high-performing teams and developing top-tier gymnastics programs. Her expertise extends to pioneering staff training methods that enhance technical skills and promote professional growth.

Nicole’s strategic insights ensure that every program incorporates the latest, most effective coaching techniques and training methodologies. Her choreographic work is a masterclass in storytelling, where each routine is meticulously crafted to highlight the athlete's strengths and artistic expression, captivating audiences and judges alike.

Her visionary approach not only shapes champions but also elevates the artistic standards of gymnastics, making her contributions invaluable to the sport's evolution.

Take the first step toward a secure and fulfilling retirement. Let's discuss how we can partner for the future of your gymnastics club.

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