Tips for Creative content that converts

When Advertising Your Gymnastics Club

Focus on Capturing High-Quality Photos and Videos

High-Quality Photo Guidelines

  • Aspect Ratio

    For stories use 9:16 (tall) and for in-feed use 1:1 (square).

  • File Size

    Max file size should be 4GB.

  • Formats

    Recommended formats are PNG and JPG.

  • Clarity

    Images should be clear, not blurry or distorted.

High-Quality Video Guidelines

  • Aspect Ratio

    For stories and Reels use 9:16 (tall) and for in-feed use 1:1 (square).

  • File Size

    Max file size should be 4GB.

  • Formats

    Recommended formats are MP4 and MOV.

  • Length

    The max video length for Instagram feed posts is 60 seconds, story posts are 15 seconds, and Reels are 90 seconds.

Example of a clear photo
Example of a blurry photo
Girls at Gymnastics Class Smiling

Content Ideas for Great Imagery

  • Get shots of kids who are having fun, smiling, and enjoying themselves.
  • When someone finally accomplishes that goal they’ve been working so hard on - take a video/picture!
  • Group shots - focus on the fact that kids have fun in your gym and it is an environment other parents would want their kids to be a part of.
  • KEY: Whatever you are trying to promote, your creative needs to showcase. It is the very first thing people will see (before copy or headline).

Tip: Make sure you update your image/video content to use on social media every 30-60 days! Keeping everything fresh and new is important.

Tips For Using Your Cell Phone to Take Great Photos and Videos

  • Always look for good lighting (aka natural light).
  • Avoid using the flash.
  • Tap and focus on the subject you are taking a picture/video of.
  • Don’t zoom in!
  • Control your exposure by sliding up and down on the image after tapping to focus.
  • Keep a steady hand!
  • Use the rule of thirds - You can use the grid function on your phone to help with this.
  • Try taking the image from a different perspective (angle is key!)
  • Take action shots with the “burst” mode (or take 3 at a time if you do not have this function).
  • Edit your image with any of the various photo-editing apps available through the app store or download it on your computer and use Adobe Photoshop.
Phone camera
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