Why You Should Run Event Ads for Your Restaurant

Why You Should Run Event Ads for Your Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, running events is a common marking practice. It may be a particular special (“Half-off on all dinner meals”), on a specific date (St. Patrick’s Day or even Taco Tuesday), or follow a particular theme (Luau). No matter what event it is, the main goal is to get more people into your restaurant.

Ultimately, you want people to choose your restaurant over the one down the road. If you host an event that gives a specific date for people to come into your restaurant, rather than people continuously saying, “I’ll try that restaurant one day!” and never coming in.

But for this to be successful, you need people to know the event is happening in the first place. After all, what is the point of having an event if no one knows about it? Luckily, one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is right at your fingertips: a Facebook Event Ad.

Why a Facebook Event Ad?

Aside from the ease, Facebook ads also ensure people don’t forget your event is happening. Once someone has responded to an event ad, Facebook then reminds them about the event as the date gets closer. It’s like a free reminder ad!

Also, the friends of your RSVP’ers may see their friend’s response in their news feed that their friend is planning to attend or interested in attending your event; this, too, is effectively free advertising. We have a term for that in marketing: organic advertising. Through organic advertising, which is free, you can reach people you otherwise would not be able to.

Responding to Facebook ads also gives people a feeling of safety – there is no obligation, there is no fee, and they don’t have to provide their phone numbers or email addresses. With these factors, the response rate is generally better than many other types of ads that try to elicit the same response.

I have seen some excellent results from event ads, especially when compared to other forms of engagement advertising or even lead-based advertising.

One thing’s for sure, though: if you’re going to hold something like an event or a promotion, people need to know it exists before they will want it. So you might as well use what you already have available to you to make sure as many people as possible know your event–and your restaurant–exists.

by Lee Callow



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