How To Make Scroll-Stopping Restaurant Ads With Captivating Creatives

How To Make Scroll-Stopping Restaurant Ads With Captivating Creatives

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is never more true than when it comes to marketing. Whether creating a design for social media posts, a display Google ads campaign, or an email, your creative speaks volumes. A creative, in this case, is an image, video, or GIF, and it is the first thing that stops someone from scrolling and persuades them that the rest of your ad is worth reading. 

What are the key concepts to understand when creating the most eye-catching creative for your ad? 

#1 – You need to understand your audience and promote the core competencies that your audience is looking for. 

How can you create relevant content without knowing what is relevant to your audience? Understanding what they like, how they speak, and what they are looking for is KEY to building out any ad. Is your audience looking for a family-friendly atmosphere with kid-friendly food? Or are they looking for a place where people come to have great drinks and enjoy live music on your large outdoor patio? Know your audience, understand what they want in a restaurant experience, and then use creatives that show people enjoying that experience! This will lead to your audience getting a serious case of FOMO, and it will show them that they can have the experience they are looking for when they come to your restaurant! 

#2 – Build a rapport with your audience.

You may think you can just run a promotion and expect diners immediately – but that’s not how advertising works. You must build rapport with potential customers while creating a restaurant that your diners will want to tell their friends about. The power of Facebook ads is that you can run retargeting ads to ensure that people see images and videos of your restaurant numerous times. Over time, they will want to try your restaurant. And don’t be afraid to use an excellent customer review in your creative! Social proof (reviews) is one of the most powerful ways to convince a potential diner to try your restaurant!

#3 – Use powerful imagery in your ads. 

A stunning image is the foundation of a successful campaign. As a restaurant, your product speaks for itself, and showing off the most mouthwatering pictures of your food and drinks have the power to produce cravings in potential diners. You should use that to your advantage! Invest in excellent quality photography and short-form videography of your food and beverages (for Reels, TikToks, etc.), and it will pay off greatly.

#4 – Be aware of trends.

 With TikTok taking over the social media world, VIDEO has become the #1 creative content we see in ad placement. Make sure that, when creating a video concept, you are aware of trending concepts and sounds that will help relate to your audience. And don’t be afraid to show off the work that goes into your food. People love an inside look, so share behind-the-scenes videos of the creation of a perfectly stacked burger or a beautiful cake. Keep up with trends, and your followers will want to keep up with you!

Consumers scroll through hundreds of ads, posts, and notifications every day, so it takes a bold piece of content to set your restaurant apart. This is especially true in email marketing; it seems like more than half of the emails we receive are spam, and most others we just decide aren’t worth opening. Your goal is to make your campaign stand apart from the rest. To do that, it is essential to use a captivating photo or video to catch their attention and, more importantly, stop their thumbs from scrolling! That’s the power of creatives!

Jessica Gleave, Production Manager


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