How Russell Masters Transformed Internal Training for His Staff Into a $997 Digital Marketing Course

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Our COO, Russell Masters, was featured in a article, How Russell Masters Transformed Internal Training for His Staff Into a $997 Digital Marketing Course.

Russell discussed our one-of-a-kind Revenue Toolbox, a course that teaches business owners how to advertise their businesses like digital marketing professionals. The secret is… there are no secrets! In the Revenue Toolbox, we explain exactly what we do to market our clients’ businesses and how to replicate the tried-and-true processes we have developed! 

The Revenue Toolbox is niche specific. Currently, we offer one for gymnastics clubs and one for restaurants. We are in the process of producing one for dance studios. Because we have so much experience and ad spend under our belts for each of these specific niches, we can share the exact strategies and best practices that we know work for each niche.

You might wonder, “why would we ‘give’ all this knowledge away?” We know we can’t take on all restaurants, gyms, and dance studios worldwide as clients, but we still want to provide help and share our expertise with every small business that will accept the help! This is the ideal product for the DIY business owner who is determined to take on their marketing themselves. And, if they find it too much for them to handle on their own, or their time is better spent elsewhere, they can hire us to do the dirty work. We have a standing offer to apply any amount they have spent on the Revenue Toolbox towards our suite of services! 

Ultimately, we want you, small business owner, to know that we are the #TeamBehindYourTeam. Whatever kind of marketing assistance you need, we want to provide it for you. Book a call with us to chat about do-it-yourself or done-for-you marketing solutions!

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