Your Gymnastics Club Relies on New Enrollments to Survive

We know from owning our own Gymnastics Club that retaining gymnasts and continually getting new enrollments takes a lot of time and effort.

That's why we created our very own, tailor made, Facebook Advertising Program exclusively for Gymnastics Clubs that puts your Enrollments on Autopilot so you can take control of your business.


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We are the only agency that offers Gymnastics Clubs a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in Advertising.

What Some Of Our Amazing Club Owners Say

How We Get Results For Gymnastics Club Owners

We have developed a Facebook & Instagram advertising program specifically for gymnastics clubs that showcases your club to a targeted audience of parents and drives inquiries & enrollments. 

You tell us where you want us to focus on getting new leads and enrollments for and we'll deliver. We know how to get leads for Gymnastics Clubs because we do it day after day for our current club owners.


Results From Some Of Our Gym Clients

With our in-house advertising program for gymnastics clubs we create custom conversion tracking for each gym independently so that when we focus on getting the results you want you can track it too.

The focus for this specific campaign was driving online registrations for summer camps.

See CD Summer Camps Register: 145

These campaigns measure the registrations for summer camps as well as general enrollments. Additionally, ads were being run for  other classes, Ninja, Tiny Twistars and also Birthday Party bookings.

See Gymnastics 742, CD Summer Camps Lead: 568, Book Party: 71, Viewed Tiny Twistars: 940, Ninja Leads: 81

Note: The budget above is for a 1 year period. When this club started advertising they were spending $35 per day.

The use of video used here to drive Ninja signup leads is a highlight of the above campaigns. This gym's main focus is to target Ninja leads. Additional tracking is in place to track additional registrations and inquiries that also occur from people clicking through on ads.

See Ninja Lead: 506, Website Leads: 147, Camps Lead: 2, Gymnastics Lead: 76 

Note: The budget above is for a 1 year period. When this club started advertising they were spending $20 per day.

Specific campaigns are often run for Gyms to drive certain targets i.e. this "new enrollment" drive to push new enrollments as the gym entered their peak season.

See Gymnastics: 103, Tumble Lead: 68, Parties: 10

Chris Kozelka Campbell

Creatively Disruptive has a fantastic team that has taken our enrollment from 400 to 900+ in 9 months and doubled our revenue. They are now a critical part of our business operations and we couldn't imagine not working with them.

Carrie Johnson

We have been working with Creatively Disruptive since the summer of 2016. We have seen astronomical growth in the number of students in our fall and winter sessions since beginning our work with them.

Sheila Laughton

Our enrollment increased tremendously. I would highly recommend to any gym owners that have gone through the same kind of struggles that I have, trying to build your program.  They were very easy to work with and did a fantastic job for us.


We take the risk out of hiring an agency to take care of your ads.

Take advantage of our proven Facebook & Instagram Advertising for Gymnastics Clubs today and ask us about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We understand what it takes to run a gymnastics club because we have done it ourselves.

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Meet our Team

Tiffany: Current certified gymnastics team coach and gymnastics director.
Andy Club owner & business development director.
Russell Creative director and ad specialist.

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