There Are Over 190 Million Facebook Users In The US.
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Youtube Video from Facebook on reaching the right people with Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook Advertising for Business Works...

Facebook advertising allows businesses of all sizes to advertise their products, services and brand effectively to highly targeted custom audiences based on demographics, interests & behaviours as well as through website traffic & email marketing databases.

Reach Your Ideal Customers Everyday

Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Increase Local Business Sales

Get Maximum Brand Exposure

Creatively Disruptive Facebook Advertising Options For Your Business

Facebook Advertising Training & Consulting

Want to get ahead of the competition and do your own Facebook Advertising? Talk to us about a tailored training plan specifically geared around your business type.

  • Facebook ad basics
  • Targeting, how to create the right audiences
  • Campaign Strategies
  • Picking the right ad objective for your campaign
  • Ad creation, budgets, graphics and optimisation
  • Using the Facebook Pixel to track ROI
  • Reporting and management

A great way to start promoting your business with Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Creation & Management

As experienced Facebook Advertising professionals we know how to find your target clients, sell your products/services & promote your brand.

  • Strategic Campaign Building for local, ecommerce & online sales
  • Audience targeting & advanced retargeting audiences
  • Ad creation: copy and graphic design
  • Dynamic Product Advertising for ecommerce
  • Ad creation, budgets, graphics and optimisation
  • Advanced Facebook Pixel tracking for ROI reporting
  • Full Ad Management, Optimization & Campaign Reporting

Tap into explosive revenue growth while you focus on your business

Get Your Free Facebook Advertising/Boosted Posts Strategy Review

Here's the pitch... We want to talk with you, the small business owner, about your Facebook Adverts and Boosted Posts and provide you with some valuable insights. So here's our complete transparency...

We're don't "Hard Sell" you because that's not our style but our goal is to get clients to work with us either doing training/consulting or have us manage their ads. 

How Our Facebook Ad Account Review Works

  • Schedule a Free Facebook Ad Analysis

  • Provide Us With Business Analyst Access To Your Account

  • We'll Do A Review Of Current & Past Ads & Promoted/Boosted Posts

  • Then We'll Schedule a Call To Go Over Your Facebook Ad Review

  • We'll Tell You About Some Ways We Can Help

    If we work together then great and if we don't then we can still be friends right?

What Our Amazing Clients Have To Say

I am so excited about working with Creatively Disruptive! Just in our first meeting with Andy, we gleaned so much vision and saw how we need to drill down to our most important needs, wants and emotions of our customers.

He really sees the big picture and has helped us to see what our company potential is and what we need to do to get their using social media and branding.

Thank you so much Andy and we are truly excited about working with you and the future!


Robyn Thomson

With Creatively Disruptive help we FINALLY got all of our website / marketing / social media / SEO needs under one roof. Creatively Disruptive team has brought on lots of creativity without being disruptive to daily operations. 

Dealing with CD is easy and things that are a priority to us, get done on our time frame..(not the web designers or SEO guys or the social media team). We only have to deal with one person at CD and he handles the rest.

A real plus is to have all those marketing compartments cohesively meshed into one branded plan / message. CD always has great suggestions, answers and personal to better photos / Google ads / video productions/ etc...

CD clears the clutter, they are masters at getting to the point of marketing. by getting our customers to click "Buy Now".

Tim Hanley

My business partner and I had the most enlightening video conference with Andy. He's given us better insights and more specific action steps to grow our biz than I've received in the past 20 years chasing after the latest marketing gurus.

He has a knack for really understanding who are are - how to reach our target market - and make money doing it!

It's good to know we've been doing a lot right- but without the missing puzzle pieces that Andy is helping us fit into our specific business - we could not get the traction needed to plow forward consistently!


Danna Demetre

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Andy Seeley

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