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Email Marketing

Email Marketing – How to send Killer Emails!

In 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent the first email and a tremendous amount of emails later we can all recall that addictive “You’ve got mail.” sound. It’s one of those pieces of internet history we will never forget. In today’s fast paced and social media driven environment where Tweets, Likes, Shares & Follows are just part…

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Ps. I've unsubscribed but I still love you

I am going to open this post with “If you are not connecting with your customers and leads via email marketing you probably should be” However this is not the vein of topic for this post, this post is about the drop in your gut you might experience when your email newsletter stats come back…

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A couple of tips 'n' tricks with MailChimp

We use MailChimp at MarketingFuel both internally as well as for the majority of our clients so we often find ourselves being asked the inevitable “how do you…” questions. This weeks post is about a couple of our more common questions, because if they are asking it you might be wondering as well. Q Where…

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