Luxury, Organic Tea Brand Grew Their Online Sales From $29k To Over $200k in Monthly Revenue In One Year.

12 Month Advertising Spend


Total Ad Generated Revenue


MER: Marketing Efficiency Rate


Note: respecting our client's wish, this case study refrains from mentioning the brand name.

Their Goal - What They Wanted

This luxury, organic tea brand, had a goal of doubling their monthly revenue from $25k to $50k per month within 12 months.

When they came to us they were relying predominantly on Store sales and their online sales were minimal. Our brief was to develop a digital strategy to make their online sales a viable part of their business growth.

Summary - What We Achieved

In the first 3 months we launched a full paid social strategy on Facebook and Instagram and a PPC campaign using Google Ads and exceeded their 12-month goal of $50k with the monthly revenue reaching $80k per month. The strategy was to build on the name of the brand with a heavy focus on video content which was a significant audience driver for retargeting campaigns, but also became a major revenue driver at a prospecting level.

Months 3 through 6 was solidifying the online strategy as the company had grown faster than anyone had hoped. This meant aligning brand voice, email, PP, Paid Social and organic

Months 6 through 9 we focused on scaling and retaining consistency as we approached Q4.

We continued to drive solidly into Q4 and with the growth trajectory there were no significant BF/CM campaigns and this brand was not prone to discounts so the strongest month of this account was in January which we attribute to delayed attribution from Xmas sales as well as New Year New You focus sales due to the health benefits promoted with tea throughout the year.

Going into the first quarter of the following year, while we were really seeing the impacts that opted out iOS14 user data was having on reporting, we still saw healthy (modeled) metrics in Facebook and Instagram and had now fully migrated to a more holistic, MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio) Total Revenue / Advertising Spend.

By the 12-month mark, we had helped the client exceed $200k in attributable  monthly revenue while maintaining a healthy return on ad spend (ROAS) of over 4X across both Google and Facebook advertising channels and an MER (Marketing Efficiency Rate) of 5.62X

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The Story – How We Did It

  • We tested messaging, mixed with video, static creative, and product-centric campaigns for new client acquisition using Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • We worked with the client to edit and publish their video content to promote both the products, as well as their PR efforts such as guest speakers.
  • Created strong retargeting campaigns including cart abandonment to increase conversion rates by 65%.
  • Ran campaigns specific to the ongoing email marketing campaigns to ensure that mail recipients were also served related ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Worked with their conversions optimization team to improve website transactional conversion ratios.
  • Managed remarketing campaigns, also in conjunction with their email marketing to help increase the returning customer rate to 30%.
  • Launched Google Shopping campaign going into Q3 to further drive consistent revenue growth.

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Client Stories & Case Studies

Grandpas Feeders

Scaled monthly revenue from $2k to $50k in 3 Months and maintaining a ROAS above 3.5x

Sail San Diego

Staying Afloat Through a Global Pandemic with a blended 7.13x ROAS on Facebook/IG & Google Ads.

Henna Hair Dye

Winning on all fronts with 3.7x ROAS, 30% Revenue Growth & 61% Subscription Growth.

Slaters 50/50

Promoted curbside and pickup orders as well as filling their outdoor dining areas as restrictions allowed.

Luxury Organic Tea

Retail Store Went Online & Grew By Over $1.8 Million In 12 Months with a ROAS consistently above 4x

Subscription Box

Added an additional 15% Revenue to the bottom line by introducing Google ads as an additional paid channel.

American Dream Gymnastics

Grew from 100 kids to 240 in the first 10 months of a challenging 2021 year.

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