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Grandpas Original Poultry Feeder


SUCCESS STORY: More Sales In The First 3 Months Than The Entire Previous Year

In the first 3 months of working with us, this client generated more revenue than the entire previous year.  Month over month, their sales have increased as we continue to help them dominate sales in their markets.

Key Highlights: Rapid Growth over 3 months from $2k per month revenue to $49k per month revenue, 4.1X ROI

Growth Channels: Facebook/Instagram, Google, Content Marketing, Email Marketing

Luxury Beverage Brand


SUCCESS STORY: Retail Store Launched Online & Grew By Over $1.8 Million Revenue In 14 Months

In March, we launched and started scaling this beverage brand using Facebook + Instagram and Google Adwords. In the first year, we took them from $12k per month in online sales to over $200k per month, generating over $1.8 million online sales.

Key Highlights: 5.34 Blended ROI, $1.8 Million Revenue

Growth Channels: Facebook/Instagram, Google


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San Diego Sailing Tour Company


SUCCESS STORY: Staying Afloat Through a Global Pandemic

We have worked with this Sailing Tour Company in San Diego for over 4 years managing their Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, as well as their website and, have helped them grow year over year. During COVID Pandemic, we helped keep the business afloat by being able to pivot quickly with them during restrictions, and post lockdown, we saw record returns on ad spend, constantly selling out tours.

Key Highlights: 7.13 ROI Facebook/IG & Google Ads, with tours consistently booked out.

Growth Channels: Facebook/Instagram, Google, Website

Burgers & Craft Beer Restaurant in San Diego


SUCCESS STORY: Increased Pickup and Curbside Orders To Navigate Pandemic Closures

Navigating forced closures and partial openings of outdoor areas gave us the opportunity to help this client refocus their offerings to promote curbside and pickup orders and fill their outdoor, and then indoor dining areas as restrictions allowed.

Key Highlights: Increased Curbside & Pickup Order Revenue To Be Able To Remain Open

Growth Channels: Facebook/Instagram, Google, Website

Henna Hair & Dye Company


SUCCESS STORY: 61% Increase in Subscription Revenue

We took an omnichannel approach to drive customer acquisition and increase subscription revenue. With the combination of Facebook + Instagram ads, Google AdWords, and Email Marketing, this client saw tremendous growth and profitability since launching in Q4.

Key Highlights: 80% Revenue Growth + 61%  Subscription Growth

Growth Channels: Facebook/Instagram, Google, Email, Website

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